Idea for Street Fighter Alpha 4 "isms"


Now, I am one of the people who thinks that the Street Fighter Alpha series would be an awesome thing to revive. But there are plenty of people who don’t like the Street Fighter Alpha series; they prefer the other Capcom fighting-game series’, like SF2, SF3, SF4 and Darkstalkers. So, what could Capcom do to get THOSE people to play Street Fighter Alpha 4?

Well, what about if SFA4 had a new set of “isms” that were faithful adaptations of other games’ mechanics?

2-Ism: The mechanics of Street Fighter 2.* high damage, low combo potential, no dashing or air-blocking, and only 1 super.*

Alpha-Ism: Same as V-ism (from alpha 2 and 3). medium damage, medium combo potential, air-blocking but no dashing, custom combos.

Dark-Ism: The mechanics of Darkstalkers. medium-low damage, high combo potential, air-blocking and dashing, infinite meter building, darkforce powers, multiple supers, ES moves.

3-Ism: The mechanics of Third Strike. low damage, low combo potential, dashing but no air-blocking, parrying and multiple supers, universal overheads, EX moves.

4-Ism: The mechanics of Super Street Fighter 4. low damage, medium combo potential, dashing but no air-blocking, focus-attacks, 1 super and 1 ultra, EX moves.

The cool thing about this system is not only would it satisfy Yoshinori Ono-san’s desire for character customization (“my Ryu is different from your Ryu”), but it would also be a celebration of Capcom’s fighting game history, AND it would make all Capcom fighting game fans significantly more comfortable and willing to play it.

What do you think? Would you like to play a Dark-Ism Sagat or a 4-Ism Alex? How about a 3-Ism Birdie or a 2-Ism Rufus? The possibilities are mind-boggling!

Seriously though, what do you think?


Man, go play [S]CVS2[/S] CFJ if you want all of this.

Also, no wishlists.


Seems like it would be very unbalanced in that most grooves would be hella brokes. Might be fun tho, I love CvS2 and the groove system, although I’d rather see a CvS3 instead of this.


Just release Alpha 2 on modern consoles please capcom

I’ll never be critical of your shit games ever again


The alpha series is known for having a more anime approach towards SF… problem is 2D fighting games are dead to Capcom and an Alpha 4 HAS to be done in 3D, like it or not. That makes a Alpha 4 kind of pointless, I can see it being little more than a scrub friendlier SF4.


wow soooooooo original you should be a game designer!


wheres mvc2 ism?


You mean low hit, while not blocking extra damage right? Low to open them up into combos, potential after conditioning to not see your low, right?!



All of these ism modes are in street fighter alpha anthology/Hyper Street Fighter Alpha.


Maybe it could be done like this:

High-poly 3D models.
Cartoony cel-shading like LOZ: Wind-Waker.

That would be sort of like a 3D anime style, wouldn’t it?

Well, they could try to balance it by reducing the damage or stamina of certain Isms to compensate for the powerful mechanics!

And yes, I agree, it would be fun no matter what.

And don’t say changing those wouldn’t be enough. We all know that certain characters in the street fighter series have low health to compensate for their over-powered moves! cough seth cough That seems to work pretty well a lot of the time, doesn’t it?

Well, for SFA4 I think they could stick to the non-team-based games’ mechanics. After all, the mechanics of Mvc2 and Mvc3 are designed to complement the fact that it’s a team-based game. Street Fighter Alpha isn’t team-based. Also, I think putting Mvc2’s super fast mixups and super long combos into SFA4 would force players to play very differently than they normally would, whether they were using the mvc2-ism or just defending against it!


Sounds like you’re trying to please everyone, but it would just backfire on you. I’m sure that there are people who would love to play with a 3S system, but there are a lot of people who wouldn’t want to play against it. Same for CCs/rolls/Air blocking.

Also, Most characters in Alpha 2/3 can’t dash. Have you even played the Alpha series?


Well, I play Alpha 3 a lot on my PS Vita, but I never use V-ism because I hate custom combos. I always just assumed that V-ism had dashing in it. Anyways, I’ve made the adjustment for you.

And about the “they wouldn’t want to play against it” thing, isn’t that true with any kind of character customization? or even certain kinds of characters like mixup characters or grapplers?

I mean, you’re basically saying that everyone has to be fine with how every character works, which has NEVER been true EVER with ANY fighting game.


There’s a big difference between having to deal with different kinds of characters and dealing with a system mechanic like CCs or parrying. It’s enough to make people quit games, yes.


Low combo potential in 2ism lol


I wrote in my post that 2-ism represents Street Fighter 2.

That is Street Fighter alpha.


That ISM shown is CE-ISM which represents Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition. Which is pretty faithful to CE as it included the Bison infinite that was in CE.


OP idea sound interesting. They would have to balance the isms against one another but that’s not our problem it’s capcoms. I’d be down to play a game like this.sounds like it could be pretty fun.


Finally! Somebody who appreciates my ideas. I applaud you on your civility.

Well, I suppose that is a pretty crazy combo, but compared to Darkstalkers and Street Fighter 4 and alpha, Street Fighter 2 has more of a focus on small combos.


Now I gotta unlock that mode. I wanna try that stupid shit! :rofl:


Depends which version of Darkstalkers each one had different mechanics.
Vampire 1
Dashes Character Specific
Ground Chains Only
Air Blocking
Air Links
EX moves(Even though they’re called ES moves)
1 super bar that depletes over time if you don’t use it

Vampire Hunter
Dashes Character specific
Guard Reversals Everyone had a specific motion
Air Links
Transformation Supers
Ground Chains felt more natural
Tech Rolling
Pursuit attack
The meter that can on forever even though it was unlikely to go above 4

Vampire Savior
Transformation Supers were changed to Dark Forces
Life Recovery
Air Chains
Dash Links
Guard Cancels motion is now universal for the whole cast
Chaining is like it is Marvel
Tech Rolling
Pursuit attack

Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2
Dark Forces are universal now (Only deals red health and you can air chain) cost 2 bars
Transformation supers are supers again
Dash links removed
I’m not typing any more cause literally no one plays these 2 horrible games

This is me just skimming over the mechanics there is mechanics I missed on. Also as it been said in the thread there is already a game like the one you’re dreaming of out in the wild (HSFA) just drop sf4 ism for old school marvel ism.