Idea for weekly's in the 408

Hey wassup everyone, with the new school semester starting up I know a few of us are gonna be busy and it’s gonna be hard to travel around for competition. With that said, I want to ask all of you around the area if you would be interested in a weekly or bi-weekly tournament. The location would be Taxi’s burger joint at AMC Mercado - I’ve already spoken to the owner of the place and he’s looking for anything that’ll help out with his business. So if ya’ll are interested in doing something like this please reply and tell me which day would be good…Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday night?


hey jeff, im down for that, i say sundays are good

What games?

Sunday - People have class/work more often during the week. Bi-Weekly.

SF4, HDRemix, MvC2 for sure.

Maybe we can start a site or thread or something to log winners for the year. Can possibly help with forming teams for next years evo with results. That is if the competition ends up being good (which im sure will be no problem).

I’m down for bi-weekly sf4 tourneys

I like the idea, Sunday is best for most people I think. The only thing is I thought that Taxi’s location is pretty small, unless they have some extra space that I don’t know about.

Taxi’s is pretty small - 32 man bracket would probably be the most we could hold, but if it were weekly/bi-weekly thing I don’t think it should be too much of a problem. I’ll talk to Rob (the owner) about the maximum room capacity tho -

Anyone willing to bring some setups? I only got my ps3 + TV with sf4, hdr, and mvc2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good idea, I should be able to make it. Around what time would this take place?

I’m in on this. Thanks for setting it up jeff!

If it’s this sunday, I could bring my ps3. It’s got Sf4 and MvC2…the only problem is it can only hook up to a tv via HDMI. The regular components hookup output is busted.

It’s fine - I think I have an extra component hookup - Umm…I’m thinking 7pm or later - I usually work sundays til 630 that’s why :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to ask how late Taxi’s is open on Sundays tho-

The problem isn’t in the cable, it’s in the actual ps3 itself. For some reason the component plugin area doesnt work. It only works for hdmi :sad: As i said, if someone can provide a tv with hdmi output, I can bring my ps3. It’s got all characters and most costume colors, including #10

i’m totally down for this idea since it is five minutes away from where i live haha.

I didn’t know they had machines. Nice. I’m down. During the week tho. I work weekends. Bi weekly sounds good.

Edit- re-read… They don’t have machines. Duh.

So what’s goin on with this thread? Is it still happenin or is it dead?

I’m totally down for this. When’s the date?

ah man I haven’t been able to go down to speak with the owner because of the beginning of the semester - not so sure I’ll have to time to actually do this anytime soon but I’ll let you guys know. Sorry, just been kinda bushed with everything else-

I still have a few weeks till school starts. I’ll be happy to go down and talk with him. Just give me the details or a spreadsheet or something. Hit me up. If someone else has the time as well to help coordinate this I’m sure it’s worth it for weekly so close to home.

Nothing really specific talked about with him yet, just ask for the owner the guy’s name is Rob. He’s really chill, just mention the idea of holding SF4 tourneys over there. Supposedly he said his best days are Monday - Thurs… you’ll need to try to get him to agree with Sundays. And Saturdays are already taken up by car collectors :stuck_out_tongue: Hope this helps - it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to speak with him, but I’m sure he’ll still remember the idea-

Thanks for helping :smiley: If you need anything else from me just ask