IDEA: Reporting Droppers - Central Database Website

Just a thought, I dunno if anyone already thought of this idea, but maybe someone should consider creating a PSN/X360 hall of shame website, where people can submit names of droppers, with photo evidence (e.g. Lost connection screen + low health bar, msg retaliation).

Selected admins can authenticate these submissions, and are added to a hall of shame which is displayed on the home page. The #1 dropper is listed at the top based on the number of times he has been reported with a photo gallery link of those photos associated with him. Maybe once they’ve taken note, and is dropping less or leaving less abusive messages, their name disappears or moves down the list after X number of weeks (may need ideas on this).

It’s a pretty harsh idea, but when scrubs and droppers start taking note of this, they may reconsider their attitude for dropping to future players. It will also provide advance warning to genuine players whom to consider avoiding too.

Any thoughts about this?

EDIT: Vanilla has implemented something very close to this idea:

Yah, dropping is lame and all, but seriously? …

Dropping could be considered one of the categories that could earn their name in the hall of shame, but maybe other unacceptable online behaviour, like abusive/racist messages sent after matches end could be included.

In the end, I’m looking at this like a deterrent tool to try and disencourage dropping (although at the same time, it’ll keep me entertained at work to look at pictures of messages left by bad losers in one place, rather than hunting through the BGs thread :bgrin:).

I think the best we can do as a community as a start is make a list ourselves ala the STHD “Bad Games” Thread.

I like the idea though of have a central database for this.

This shit pisses me off to no end.

DO NOT PLAY xxxUltimaCloudxxx on PSN. This prick uses Bison (Dict) and always pulls the plug on the final round, before he is about to die.

We played 2 ranking matches last night (Thurs Feb 26) and pulled that crap both times!!! argh!!

I’m all for it but we need someone who can actually code this thing…

Why not just post them all here and edit the OP to show an entire list of PSN and 360 droppers?

The whole point on this sort of system, is to get an idea on how many times a particular user has been **uniquely **reported to have dropped.

I don’t think anyone would be willing to go through every single post, count how many times each person has been reported, and edit the first post on the thread (also bearing in mind, only the original post author can do this).

As mentioned in my original post, each dropper will have their own photo album of submitted pictures highlighting evidence of the moment they disconnect, like this loser for instance:

Personally, I’d like to have this ‘list’ in front of me when I’m accepting challenges (if it ever comes to being developed). So if I see that name appear in the top 20 droppers, I’ll know that its just better to kick him from the lobby, and move on. I don’t particularly want to waste 2-3 minutes of my time beating someone up, who is very likely to DC anyway…

All we need, is someone who can code it up. Any offers?

Sup. If JohnnyDeath ever drops on you, please know that it’s me and that my connection is ass.

The problem is how the hell do you remember the names of droppers… i can’t remember the name of the zangief that dropped against me 10 minutes ago, nevermind a whole list of them.

I guess its just inevitable we’ll have droppers until the system is righted. It maybe a little unfair to people with genuine connection issues but i think the dropper should always get a bp penalty. People with bad connections will have more incentive to get their connections fixed if they want to take part of the bp system, otherwise stick to player matches.

So far I’ve played 450 matches and my connection hasn’t dropped once from psn. So for legit players, i dont see the downside.

on psn just go to friends -> players met

Pointless. Anyone who gains a bad reputation for dropping can easily make a new PSN account with a different alias and do it all over again.

Yea i actually played that guy in a GB match hes 6th on the ladders.

If I had to play some joker who was playing vs people in the US on SF4 or HD Remix I’d probably drop also.

This is going a little off-topic. BG talks should go into the BGs thread. This topic is about creating a website that brings up a list of known droppers, based on the number of times he has been reported. So you know who to avoid in your ranked matches (and even player matches… I had a few drop on me :lame:)

An example, is that some dude among the lines of “Sharinghan_Itachi” has already been reported in the BGs thread by at least 3 different people. If he was submitted on this database website, he would be listed near the top of the list, compared to someone who has been reported once (in which he may genuinely might have a network connection problem).

Over time, when more people make submissions, there would be a more distinctive list of who the top 20 droppers are in a week/month/all time.

Again, I’m not a web developer. But I can see this is as a very useful tool if it ever comes to light.

I wish that on the PS3 at least, if you have a name in your block list it would not let you play that person anymore… That way, we can add the names of frequent droppers and never have to worry about playing them again.

they have implemented a similar system for Dota
Ban list

Alright alright…before anybody starts getting any crazy ideas like the topic creator has (yes…it’s crazy), let me just throw a few things out here.

  1. You had someone disconnect on you? Well, what can I tell you? That sucks. This has been happening for as long as online gaming has been around (people disconnecting to keep good stats, equipment, etc.). Get over it.

  2. How do you know if it was intentional? I’ve had my connection drop (which isn’t often) just as I had about 30% health left in the last round of a fight. From the way things look, yeah…it was intentional, but you can’t always be sure. Now granted, most of the time, it IS intentional, but the reason this system of labeling people as “droppers” won’t work is because not everyone is guilty.

  3. You have a block list for a reason. If someone does disconnect on purpose during a fight when they are about to lose, block them, mail them and complain, do whatever you have to do to get your point across to that guy, but don’t try to be the police, cause you can’t control everyone’s actions. Hell, I’d be surprised if the guy you complained to even cared to hear what you had to say anyway. He’ll probably keep doing it, regardless.

  4. If all it took was whining and a list to solve this issue, it would have been dealt with years ago. I know you think what they did wasn’t right, but you’re just going to have to accept the fact that there will always be people like this. You putting them on a list or complaining won’t change that. Even if you prevent one, there will always be another one out there to replace the one you’ve labeled.

  5. This is a waste of time. I’ll tell you why. Let’s say you do create this list. Alright? Let’s say you get this database up and running, everything is going smoothly. You get everyone to contribute visual evidence of a disconnect, then the name is added to the list. You check back every day to add more names. By the end of the week, you already have over 100 or more. Now tell me…HONESTLY. Are you really going to remember 100+ names to stay away from or even a tenth of those for that matter? Not likely. So why bother creating a list when all you’re going to do is throw a bunch of names into a pile to make it seem like you’re accomplishing something, when really…you’re just wasting time and effort that would be better put into something actually useful.

So, with that being said…I highly disagree that this idea is even worth considering and the topic creator needs to just face the fact that there will always be people like this. All of us are pretty well aware of how to deal with these people one on one, but with you trying to save the world like you’re Superman…well…let me tell you, even Superman couldn’t save everyone. So, just think about all of this and ask yourself if you really want to still try and be a hero.

No, we cannot change the world. But there are certainly ways of deterring people from being online sore losers.

Vanilla has put a blog site up which resembles something very close to this idea.

At least now all I have to do is have a quick glance into the tag box (containing names of confirmed droppers) before I can hit the confirm button when I get an incoming match. I could be spending the next 3 minutes fighting someone decent than wasting time fighting a named dropper (and probably a very unskilled one too).

It’s true, there may be people out there who don’t give a damn if they have been named and shamed, even if it becomes more publically available. But at least more people will complain less about bad games by simply rejecting their incoming challenges.

Oh, and the block list doesn’t work. It only blocks incoming messages and hate mail. It won’t stop them from challenging you in ranked matches.

Still new to this online BS that I have been running into since I have been playing SF4. The first few times it happened I thought it was just a bad connection. But then I started noticing that it was only happening on that last round with them having little life. I will join in this effort (I do not think it will do much) just to hopefully get a black list going. I recognize some of these names and these peep have upwards of 9k BP. I do hope more people in the community will start to realize that sometimes you learn a lot more when you lose.

LEETOH is the biggest piece of junk I’ve played. He has about 5000 BP but he dcs if loses. Don’t play him.