Here it goes…

CE-ism Stilled banned…but a chance that it might not with this new rule…

Ok here it goes.

Thing that will make HSFA possible tourney worthy:

-Take off Guard Bar for SFA3 characters!

(Go to game options hold r2 before selecting it, and turn the guard bar to “OFF”…or it’s r1 one of those)

This will take off the guard-bar for SFA3 characters, thus, there will be no guard crush in the game, SFA3 (and other isms) will have one less disadvantage.

I think the guard bar is a good balancing factor for the extra-isms.

and pertaining to CE, it’s the 25% damage fireballs, monster chip, and 2-3 hit dizzy combos that are the problem

good try though.

I think the saving grace with A3 is going to be finding a dipswitch that allows you to juggle other character types normally.

I don’t think anyone’s up to fighting Cody with his dodge and no guard meter.

anyone with a 360 is:wgrin:

What about changing the handicap if you use CE?

ah why isnt the game tourny worthy as it is? Im lost, CE characters are banned, thus its fine for now. Whats the problem? Also yea getting rid of gaurd meter is a dum idea.


Even though I am not a pro gamer (not bad at alpha 3 online anyway ) , these change could be interesting to do for an interesting tourney :

Alpha 1 character banned.
All secret Ism banned except from Third strike one (boost of T.hawk )
(Shin bison/Shin gouki / Turbo SFA2’ characters banned.

Allowed :
Crouch Cancel switch on (kattobi also lol )

Everyone knows alpha 3 characters SUCK ASS in HSFA…so it would be SMART thing to do for them, and maybe balance the game a bit more.

That’s taking out way too much. All you got left there really then is Alpha 2 guys owning the Alpha 3 guys.
CE-ISM wasn’t removed so much because it was broken, but because it was way too easy to use.

Why do people still insinst on banning the Shadoloo Isms, there’s nothing broken about them at all. Hell, GS-Ism is the only one which stands a chance of competing.

Not broken ?
Damage broken ( nuff’say , 25% per dp …)
Dizzy broken (cs. x , HP , dragon punch 2 times and your opponent is dizzy …)

Why dont we get reid of CE, a1, and red-ism and that will sort everything out…

Q is peeing on your name dude…

i know, he’s really naughty

Just get rid of everything except A2 Gen. Problem solved.

I’d like to propose a ban on A2 Gen with the 3P special color.

I think this game is interesting if only to get a better appreciation of how Capcom balances their titles. In Alpha 1, basically everything you would expect to work works exceedingly well(including some things that probably shouldn’t. Everything is good: the normals are all excellent, most of the specials are excellent, no weird hitboxes, the supers(even level 1) are huge, hardly anything has frame disadvantage on block. All this leads to a broken ass shitfest, but it still plays like you would expect it to(in a manner of speaking).

With each subsequent game, capcom just decided to gimp the good shit to the point of uselessness and strap on a new gimmicky feature to give us something to play with. It’s ridiculous when you think about it. The Alpha games are aesthetically so similar, but each one plays radically differently because practically nothing works from the previous iteration.

For further proof, compare an A-ism level 1 super with an Alpha 1 level 1. It’s like the difference between a pellet gun and a nuclear warhead. The stupidity is further compounded by the fact that the Alpha 1 guys get a ton of juggles they didn’t have before and tons of the A3 combos simply don’t work on the older characters. The games are WAY too different to work well together. It’s just that simple.

p.s. You guys forgot to mention the retarded throw ranges and added links as to why CE characters are broken beyond repair.

p.p.s. The Alpha 1 normals are so fucking good, that almost all crouching attack s have to be blocked low(i.e. shoto :d: :hp: :d: :mp: ). I’m sorry, but that’s just fucking dumb. Oh yeah, and charging meter with whiffed rapid fire jabs is possibly to stupidest thing ever. Oh no wait, having supers charge their own meter is even dumber.