Idea that might make HSFA more fun maybe tourney worthy

Have HSFA only ism specific tournaments.

*A1 only tournaments
*A2 only tournaments
*A3 only tournaments
DS-ism only tournaments
CE-ism only tournaments
3s-ism only tournaments
Marvel-ism only tournaments

The first 3 are marked out because they have their own games. So that leaves us with 4.

If this idea doesn’t make HSFA tourney worthy…it would probably be very CASUAL GAMEPLAY FUN.

Keep it to one topic man.
This would dilute the pools way too much, and remove a lot of the variety from the game. I don’t think the solution should be to separate them like this.

Also, a Marvel-ISM tourney wouldn’t work because only certain characters gain any kind of advantage from using it, and most people dislike CE on the whole, so that would probably just leave the DS and 3S-ISMs.

hsfa, hsfa, hsfa does anyone actually want this game? it was a nice extra but wasn’t put together well enough to be considered tourney worthy imo.

duuno, i’d rather see a2 and a3 being played more

I agree, it seems like everyone is focusing on how hsfa is broken and they are fogetting we finally have perfect ports of sfa2 and sfa3.

I think they should dump CE and marvel-ism and just leave it at that

Yeah you guys do have a point there.

It would be a lot easier to have tourneys for A1, A2, A3 because we now have arcade perfect ports of them.