Idea: Transformers (G1) 2d-fighter

This idea has been wandering in my mind for years… & all my friends agree.
A 2d Transformers fighter would be great (ala MvsC2).

Some general ideas

  • Soundwave could get assists from Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble etc.
  • Only leaders of subgroups should be playable (example Motormaster Stunticons) and have a lvl 5 super to form a gestalt combiner (in Stunticons case Menasor, one level for each)
  • Transformer ability could be used in super move way >> Grimlock : T-Rex mode think 3rd Strike’s Twelve’s X.C.O.P.Y.

I could go on but give your opinion first.

Bump?? ahh come on I know you guys born in the '80’s watched the cartoon lol

Well, I was born in the late 60s and I still LOVE G1 Transformers. Your idea of a fighting game sounds great. Grimlock, Iron Hide, Razor Claw, and Huffer can be grapplers. Starscream, Silverbolt, Power Glide, and 1 of the Insecticons can be the speedy characters of the game. Optimus Prime and Megatron are the main characters. For their super moves(level 3), they can turn into their alternate versions: Powermaster Prime and Galvatron. I do really see this game happening if, the RIGHT people are to work on it.

Diek Stiekem, I LOVE your idea.

Nice idea for the speedy and grapple chars. Deity!

Some if the big guys could serve as mid-bosses i.e. Omega Supreme, Devastator, etc.
As for an end-boss (once again ala MvsC2) how about something big? Trypticon, Metroplex and heck even Unicron lol (well I think he would be too big…)

Right, they’re gonna fight. They’re not gonna just shoot each other with their guns.

You should understand that there will lots of projectiles, laser blaster besides that :rolleyes:

The beast wars II fighting game for the gameboy color ISN’T half bad. I love transformers and collect em’.

You should try it out if you can! Plays kinda like KOF as far as some motions go. ANd you get to transform and everything! very cool!

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I don’t agree, the G1 Transformers currently had quite a re-living; i.e. comic by Dreamwave and the toy reissues.
There is still a big hardcore fanbase out there (incl. me), just like Street Fighter.

I"m sure this idea hasn’t been thought of dozens of times.

(there really is no market for it, so don’t expect anybody to make one).

They actually fought quite a lot in the original series (mostly grappling, but there where some kicks & punches… oh and yes even a german suplex; Key to Vector Sigma episodes *birth of the Stunticons etc.)

heres hoping for more transformers in a currently non-existing sequel to World Fighters : Dream Mix TV…
probably the closest thing youll get… but hey, it is a fighting game, and it does have transformers… convoy is top tier, but easily beaten by god-tier barbie…

Patrol <------- G1 Transformers MANIAC!!!

LOL!!! Just today i was coming back from university thinking “What if Capcom decided to make the TF fighting game… it would be cool to be able to play as Megatron, pummel some autobot with a mighty combo, then transform into a gun and blast him into oblivion”, then i come back, visit the SRK forum and what do i see… this topic :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :P. Telepathy?

Newayz the game would be cool, but the question is (as someone has mentioned), would it really sell, cause if not then no one will decide to make it :(.

who would buy it (if decent amount of effort invested)?

  • fighting game community
    -TF fans
    right there your base is bigger than other 2d fighting games. considering dreamworks(?), is working on a big budget movie. of course then the rights will be astronomical and some powerhouse would buy it up and movie to game conversions are usually only good for milking the uninformed and/or mindless mainstream; this too great an oportunity to be wasted on a 2d fighter, so it is already apparent that greed is too much to overcome here, and videogames will continue to go down the tubes catering to the lowest common denominator taking transformers with them. (But i am imagining that shit right now and that game could be ill; too bad)
    ps. i hope they dont screw up the damn movie

Any 2D fighter other than Dragon Ball Z would be great!

what was so great about transformers? the ability to transform of course. why would i want to have to wait to transform. i’d rather have some sort of 3-d platformer. . .oh wait, i alreday have one. i myself don’t have the armada game fyi. what’s the point of having transformers when you can’t transform at will?

i’ve never played the armada game on ps2 or xbox but i’ve read that it’s a pretty decent game. . .usually 7’s or 8’s out of 10.

maybe voltron, where you have the lions, the vehicles, and robeasts or other allie’s/ enemies or other cartoon dealing w/ big giant robots.

Actually, that’s what I’m trying to do with Mugen. I already modelled Mazinger Z and have some of his attacks. The problem is I can’t get a hold of good models for other giant robots (I have a mazinger Z toy) nor can I get good, clean voices for any of them.

if starscream had unfly and soundwave had assists they’d definately be toptier. too bad all megatron transforms into is a pistol. galvatron > megatron. it’s a good idea but transformers revolve too much around their guns. if there was a transformers 1st person shooter. now that’s a winning idea…

As it was said: transformation would be a super combo or sth. I just came to conclusion that it wouldn’t work for most autobots :(. It would be cool for Grimlock - that’s for sure, but what about Optimus Prime and other (sth. like 80% of autobots) robots that change into cars? What can you do when you are a car? Run them over?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the movie about G1 or sth. newer? I find the old movie (the one from 1986) the best animated movie ever (my personal opinion of course :D).

I recall there was a G1 mod for Quake 2 somewhere in the late 90s.

That worked so why wouldn’t TF.

BTW Optimus Prime would be god-tier since he has the matrix lol

Anyway most autobot transformation pose a problem indeed. You could give Prime a ramming truck move but that’s about it and you can’t do that with every Autobot.