Ideal Internet speed(u/l @ d/l) for SSF4AE on PC

I hav just purchased the game from capcom store and getting laggy matches online.I live in India and my internet speed is 80kbps d/l and 80kbps u/l on torrents.I am ready to upgarde that,but how much?Can u guyz plz help me?Thanks in advance.

Increasing your upload speed isn’t going to change the fact that you live in India.

Your ping is what matters, not your bandwidth. More bandwidth just means you can continue download porn without it affecting your gaming.

All I can suggest is either look for other players in or closer to India, or move out of India.

I’ve observed an online game to use less than 1mb per minute - you could play a game with 8kb/s up and 8kb/s down.

I live India too and I too wanna play SFIV online but I don’t have wired broadband connection anymore , I am using datacard (BSNL EVDO) for a month as I live in paying guest I get 50-60 kb download speed and 100-120 at peek hour. I was also wondering if I could play with some Indian players too.

Yes it’s the ping that matters here not the upload/download rate. Ideally for a game like Street fighter you’d like to see a ping between 10ms-50ms in your area. I’m sure you could manage with upwards of 300ms ping but the higher it gets the more lag you will see. If you hit the 400 ms ping range you’re going to start seeing some real problems in matches.

Yes, you need very little actual bandwidth to play. Any broadband connection will do, but you need someone in your own country or, at the most, a neighboring one for the connection to be any good.

300ms of lag means over 15 frames of delay. That’s not playable at all, for a fighting game. But yeah, the bandwidth doesn’t matter; low bandwidth just tends to correlate with a crappy connection and thus high latency.

Unfortunately, ISPs tend to optimise for high throughput at the cost of latency by queuing packages. Bandwidth (“speed”) tends to be the only thing people understand about their internet connection. Typical consumer connections are not very good for anything latency-sensitive.

3 mb u/l 25 mb d/l