Ideal partners for Vergil?



Having a bit of trouble trying to come up with some possible teams with Vergil on anchor. Ideally, I’m trying to make a team with Vergil/Chun-Li, Vergil/Morrigan, or Vergil/Jill. The problem I’m having is how to get these particular pairs to work and what the order should.
Any suggestions for a third member for these pairs?
As a side note, who are Vergil’s ideal partners?


trench coat mafia lmao (vergil,dante and wesker)


lol, besides that, as much fun as that sounds like, gonna try (keyword: try) to be a bit original here. Dante is a pain to learn and Wesker is a freakin cockroach, you can’t get rid of him that easy. One trench coat mafia member per team thanks, lol.


I’ve found that Spencer works very well with Vergil, but you have him on anchor so you would have to run Spencer second for the DHC synergy, rapid slash is also a great assist for Spencer. (Mix-up and a combo extender.)


I have seen Vergil do well with Amy’s Cold Star Assist, and Doom’s Missile.
Just asking are Morrigan, Jill, Chun-li supposed to be the point characters?


haha well in all seriousness vergil IMO isn’t a very great anchor character because he has a tough time opening up opponents without assists. Some other characters you can try could be x-23 or Doom. X-23 can be a pretty decent battery character.


that’s the plan, though probably going to have morrigan second because of her dark harmonizer assist. the main problem i’m having is getting the team order right. stuck in best for last mentality lol.


With meter he really doesn’t have any problem opening people up.


Idk if you are talking to me, but if you are going to run Morrigan as your second, and your Anchor as Vergil. I guess your point character could be Zero :P. It’s risky, but If you want to take a chance you could go with Akuma, but you would have to be strong in rushing your opponent and doing well under pressure.
For your other two teams what are the assists?


Chun would be using lightning legs (y - assist) and Jill is using somersault


If you are going to use Lightning legs, i would say play magneto as point with his beam assist. The way i see it when magneto needs to be swapped out you can just swap to chun-li, and use magneto’s beam assist to get in. I picked magneto for another reason as well. Chun-li’s Lightning legs assist leaves her exposed for a long time if your opponent has a beam character they can easily punish chun-li, but with magneto on your team you can use his magnetic wave HC to cancel most projectiles making chun-li’s assist more safer to pull out. Another reason i suggest magneto is that he can DHC/THC into Vergil/Chun-li’s HC easily.
I haven’t played Jill in so long lol.
With Jill on point i would suggest having sentinel with his Alpha assist.
Hope the advice been some what useful :smiley:


What has been written on Vergil with Drones?


Not at all, Vergil is like the top 3 anchors in the game.

Magneto as second with Vergil third works pretty well…Firebrand as second works very well as well since Firebrand can make VERY good use of rapidslash assist, and he can set up multiple unblockables with THC if Vergil is alive.

Chou’s team of Wesker, Magneto, Vergil is quite optimized in terms of BS. Wesker makes very good use of disruptor assist and rapidslash assist. Magneto can make very good use of rapidslash assist as well to help his keepaway game, has a very good DHC into spiral swords that allows Vergil to force himself onto the opponent (and gives Vergil the disruptor assist which is pretty good), and if Magneto happened to die, Vergil as anchor is a monster.

I think Dr. Strange, Magneto, Vergil can work very well too…Dr. Strange’s combos build a lot of meter, which is beneficial for an anchor Vergil since he needs the meter.


Isn’t NOT dying one of the main goals of this game?


I just read that someone said vergil is not a great anchor, tomorrow someone will say zero is not a great battery;

getting into the thread,

I think Dante and Vergil are godlike together, they can safe dhc into the other easily, both use well their assists, dante can dhc into spiral swords anywhere on the screen, vergil can otg with crystal assist or get a left/right mixup with weasel shot, magneto or hawkyeye really helps you get in easily with cross-ups or sometimes you can do fake cross-ups, or if you want put vergil in the last spot let the other 2 characters die, and use x-factor level 3 with 4 or 5 meters and kill everyone, seriously.


Magneto… seriously Magneto is probibly the 2nd best assist for vergil and one of the best batteries for the character as well
C.Viper does the same but she abuses meter like a crackhead does crack at times so its your call
Dante Crystal and Weasel shot are both… really really good for vergil
Lockdown assists like Drones and or Missiles (I’d recommend Missiles over drones honestly since it has more uses)
Vajra is… yeah its pretty good


what is the idea assist set up for team trenchcoat? i’m not really liking hawkeye anchor abilities and i don’t want to play magnus. so i’m just gonna learn dante and rep that team.


Vergil (rapid slash)/Dante (weasel shot)/Wesker (samurai edge).

I’ve recently picked up Vergil/Dante/Taskmaster and man Task arrows are dumb. Meterless combos off rapid slash AND judgement cut, dirty cross under resets, good durability, good damage, and only 3 hits so it doesn’t kill your scaling too bad. You can even get round trip combos with it early in combos (kills your damage scaling though, but it’s good meter building)


I’ve been running Vergil Deadpool and Strider Hiryu, their synergy works well


Well Vergil solo mixups arent even that good tbh…unless he has X-Factor then you just go ham.

Anyways the best overall assist for Vergil is UniBeam. Other really good assist for him are
-any OTG/combo extender
-Taskmaster arrows
-Hawkeye arrows

those really are the ones that stand out imo.