Ideal resolution/display setting for "Tekken" on Evo Monitor

I’ve searched & search around for an answer on this one and have read conflicting responses. But basically…** I’d like to know what’s the optimum resolution/PS3 display setting for “Tekken”; moreover Tekken 6… but to some extent TTT2P on a native 1080p monitor to minimize input lag.**

We’re all well aware that both games run at 720p […right?]. So is it best to set the the PS3 to 720p IF AND WHEN using a monitor that is native 1080p? And in this scenario, we’re talking about an Asus VH238H (Evo monitor w/LED backlighting). Or because the panel, if & when of course, is 1080p (again… evo monitor) does one want to set the display of the PS3 to 1080p?

Any input would be helpful, and so there isn’t any confusion… I don’t give a shit about graphical representation,** only that it’s as lag-free as possible.**

I figure the game has been out long enough, and individuals have done enough testing and/or research that someone has come to a definitive answer on this one–so I’m hoping…