Ideas for a combo system / damage scale for a game

Hi …

Well, after like 9 month (+) studing the CPS2 processor, movements, damage, system, etc I decided
to make my all dreamed MvC game for mugen. I have a lot of things in progress and I am not starting from zero.
At this point I did a lot of things and know a lot of things that nobody knows behind MvC players.

I oppnened this topic cause I have some questions that the community may help me to decide.

The first thing, is that I am doing a game that the damage system is based on World heroes 2 - death match mode.
That mode that you hte bar is pushed from one side to another depending witch char hits.
Some pictures here:

Well, my first question is: Should the enemy dies when the bar ends or not? The round ends after a certain
amount of time and the playes with most life winS ? Any other suggestions is more than welcomed.

Also I would like some ideas for combo system and damage scaling.

In MvC the damage, the damage is reduced according to the number of hits you do at the opponent and also the ammount of life the enemy has.

GG has an interesting mode too that can be read here :

Any suggestions you guys can give to me?


These are things you should already know before starting. The first one should be near concrete, and for the second you should have the system in mind, but the exact numbers left open for balancing later. In both cases, its your call in what to use.

While I commend your originality, I’m not so sure this bar idea would (in theory) mean a fun game. Whoever gets the first big combo in is at a pretty big advantage, as the opponent not only now needs less effort to kill, but has to expend much more effort to win. I’d say test it first, but perhaps it’d work better if a character who has a quarter of the bar does 1.5 times the damage (just theoretically figures)?

Well…i don’t know what you guys tought when you read this topic…but all I am asking here are opinions about a damage system. I was going to do capcom system that more or less work like this:

Weak hits = damage + (0 to -1) damage
Medium hit = damage + (0 to 1 ) damage
Hard hit = damage + (2 to 3) damage + (0 to 1) if running

I am almost sure that this was made like this to avoit draw games…

Also, if enemy has 3/3 life damage = 100%, 2/3 life damage = 66 % and 1/3 life damage = 33% So, if you hit the enemy with a 4 damage hit, it will do 3 damage if the enemy has 2/3 of his life and 2 damage only if he has 1/2 of life. This can be seen in position FF2600 on CPS2 processor…

Also, I am almost sure that for each hitcombo the damage is reduced by one.

I could put this system on my game but I want to try different ideas, so this is what I am trying to do here! But of course, comments about different systems are more than welcomed as well…So I hope you guys can give some interesting ideas seen how long you guys, like me, play fighting games…

One day I will release a beta of this game for you guys to test, so this is a opportunity you have to try your own ideas…

I like the idea. It really will have to depend on general engine though, because it’s gonna be hard to program to get it reinforced to combos that involves someone whiffing a move to close distance/recover faster. I.E. there’s no penalty for whiffing a move. In case of Melty Blood, this reset the power(outside of combo, though) so they ended up making a totally seperate scaling system… I think like around 2.009a patch. If you will, I was thinking of a system that’s like what is in Sam sho V/zero/6, but a little different. In Sam Sho V/V sp/6 you have a certain length of power meter and it drains each time someone attacks, regardless of the attack making a contact or not. Different strength attacks take away different amount of meter, and the power meter stays down during a combo. The problem with that system was that it encourages turtling for one BIG hit, though thankfully the games had enough rush style characters to not feel slow too often. So to get around that, every time someone blocks an attack, their RATE of recovering power meter decreases. Plus, when someone successfully taunts or connects the OTG attack(limited to one hit, so it’d be end of a combo), the power recover rate goes up.

is there an existing list of criticisms of the WH2 Death Match lifebar system? i think it’s pretty interesting and i’d like to hear how the WH2 players found it.

i’m assuming that it’s a lifebar that goes left and right at a constant rate that. some criticisms:

  • no increasing intensity. compare games with standard and WHDM2 lifebars after the two players hit each other 16 times each; with the WH2DM system, the match would be like it just started. so it’s hard to simulate the end-of-game intensity of standard lifebar matches.
  • like Polarity said, when A hits B you make it harder for B to win since A gains life as well as B losing life. though this can be fixed with scaling, scaling can make it harder to simulate the end-of-game intensity.
  • forcing wins by time out can make matches between equally skilled players too long.

you can fix these by scaling so that, for two players A and B;

  • as A beasts on B, B’s ability to take and deal out punishment increases (e.g. 1/2 damage at 1/2 life, etc. as you described in your previous post)

  • as A and B both get hit more, they take more damage even if they have equal life. say after B’s taken 16 hits, a FP does 5 times as much damage as it did at the start of the match (to simulate near-death).

  • the above two seem contradictory so i’ll give an example; at the start of the round, A hits B with a FP for 10 points of damage. when B’s at 1/2 bar, A hits with a FP for 5 points. B makes a comeback so the lifebar’s balanced again; A hits B with a FP for 26 points of damage. A takes B back to 1/2 bar, and hits with a FP for 13 points of damage.

but i’d say if you’re gonna scale and tweak a system to simulate the standard lifebar, you might as well go with the standard lifebar. what are the pros to the WH2DM lifebar?