Ideas for Akuma reset/mixup setups (WIP)

Note: before anything, be sure to take a look at Akuma’s frame data to better understand his moves. Compiled by Gainrrom (thanks!):

I came up with these resets in the lab out of stubbornness and frustration-- I really didn’t want to keep playing Akuma as a runaway/assist character all the time. So instead of playing lame all the time, I decided to focus on his best strength: his damage output. It’s insane. Even Thor and Hulk have to be worried about being combo’d by Akuma. These resets, adapted from Viscant’s Wesker setups (who I also play on point), capitalize on that, and are designed to keep the opponent in the option setups in the corner for as long as it takes.

---------- THESE RESETS ASSUME YOU HAVE AN OTG ASSIST! While Akuma can OTG on his own, it’s not really reliable since you’ll probably have to cut your combos short. Where these resets really shine is in Akuma’s ability to kill off the opposing character of ONE wrong guess. An OTG assist can add damage and continue the mixup game if needed, as well as allowing one to perform 50-50, or if timed correctly, unblockable setups.

Of course, this is most likely just me talking theory fighter-- if you can somehow incorporate these mixups into your gameplay without an OTG assist, then by all means feel free to prove me wrong so I can edit this thread accordingly! This is currently a work in progress. These are just some ideas I’ve been working on and they’re still in the testing stage. I’ll try to find more options whenever I have the time. :smiley:

Without further ado, the resets:

  1. From air tech state

In the corner, these will mostly be performed after jabbing your opponent out of the air with standing L to force air tech state. Akuma has several options off an opponent’s air tech.

A. Standing :s:
---------- fairly straightforward. not the best reset you can do, but it’s there for the sake of simplicity. after the standing jab, if your opponent likes mashing buttons as they tech, you’ll launch them into the air. free combo of your choice afterwards. Akuma’s standing :s: is -1 on block, so if they do, you’re fine.

B. Air throw
----------- again, pretty straightforward. good for building meter, not so much for damage due to the damage scaling. it’s worth using if your opponent catches on and starts blocking your other mixups, but you’ll need an assist to be able to extend his mixup game. if you juggle your opponent after the dive kick + assist (in my case Doom’s Plasma Beam), note that you can actually OTG a second (or possibly third) time to extend your combo further and build some meter. The game considers the first dive kick as more of a juggle and not a true OTG, apparently.

C. Demon flip -> Hyakki gosho (palm)
------------ this should be your main answer to opponents who like mashing their way out of an air throw setup. the palm has a 9-frame startup, making it a smidge slower than his standing and air normals. this is different, however, in that you MUST cancel the standing jab into L demon flip. (st.:l: xx :rdp:+:l:~:l:) this is to get the palm animation going as soon as your opponent air techs so they’ll have a harder time mashing. cool thing is, if you do it early enough, they’ll still get hit out of a forward air tech! they also have to be mashing jab to get out of this, and even then, it needs to be pretty fast on startup to hit you out of it. at worst, you’ll just trade hits. this can lead to big damage, so make it count!

D. Air :l:
------------ another possible answer to your opponent trying to mash you out your an air throw. Akuma’s air :l: has a nice 5-frame startup (like Wesker’s!), so you won’t have to worry much about being out-mashed if you do it early enough. easy hit confirm into relaunch B&B if you connect.

  1. From blocked air attack

(to be tested)

  1. From non-OTG Hyakki gojin (purple dive kick; :rdp:+:l:~:m:)

After a non-OTG, assist-less purple dive kick (while your opponent is grounded), your opponent will quickly (read: almost instantly) go into ground roll state, then recover. You have several options:

A. Ground throw
------------ simple enough reset. since the opponent recovers fast out of their ground roll state, you can throw them as soon as akuma finishes the dive kick animation. this leads to an unblockable setup of your choice, OTG air super, whatever you wanna do. not quite like wesker’s 1-frame command grab, but it’ll do. what akuma does have over wesker though is…

B. Level 3 Hyper (aka the Raging Demon, aka Instant Hell Murderface)
------------ badass reset sure to get you awesome points and make your opponent salty! assuming the opponent’s point character is still alive even after being hit with the strongest lvl 3 in the game, you’re gonna have to find a way to continue your mixup game afterwards. and to top it all off, you need 3 bars to do this. after the non-OTG purple dive kick, quickly input :l: :l: :f: :m: :h: as Akuma touches the ground, and you’ll do the Raging Demon. your opponent MUST be holding up, up forward or up back before the screen flashes or else they’ll get Murderface’d! tested on the CPU set to “Jump”. to my knowledge, this is the only way they’ll be able to escape it, thanks to the invincibility frames on this hyper!

C. :h: Tatsu
------------- fast startup, safe on block. pretty predictable, but it’s there for opponents who tend to mash out of their ground tech.

------------- coming soon

A great


played some matches with my buddy yesterday. he had a team of wolverine/zero/dormammu and was able to mash me out of the demon flip palm reset. stupid dive kicks… and stupid priority. that’s another thing to note I guess. success on the palm reset depends on the character your opponent has on point. also if your opponent him/herself loves mashing like a mofo.

yesterday was pretty much the first time I got legitimately salty playing against wolverine and zero. not gonna lie, lol.

Btw great report. Lvl3 raging demon does a lot of damage and is a fast frame special. Its A good idea to use lvl3 often with akuma.

thanks man!

just got a new stick and I’m itching to head back into the lab and figure more stuff out with akuma, especially what the hell to do against wolverine. the shit that went down at the CEO grand finals was sooooo stupid. wolverine vs wolverine 3: fate of two dive kicks. screw. that. I’m gonna be working hard on my akuma strats and I’m gonna find a way to make sure he never gets out of the corner once I have him there.

You should mention that for the “non-OTG purple dive kick” etc. etc. that this happens when the opponent is grounded. I was confused for a minute there.

Anyway, yes, this is awesome information. I’m personally a big fan of connecting with a large combo in the corner, “OTGing” with the dive kick to force the small roll and instantly throwing out the SGS. Too good. Great info in here, keep it up!

^thanks man, more info coming soon. started working on setups off a blocked air attack. videos will come eventually, since I currently don’t have a good recording setup besides my iPod. lol

I agree with b3nz0r, out of all the stuff in your post the l-jab to air throw and the non-OTG purple jumpkick to SGS is what I would probably use. For one, I can’t perform the DP motion fast enough to cancel a light jab, and secondly, the other two options are usually blocked (experienced players don’t usually mash buttons during a combo…).

I can imagine the relaunched of a combo, MMHS into purple dive kick, roll state, and then SGS. Considering that the BnB relaunch combo usually does around… what… 500k without a super? (can’t remember), a SGS followup should be death for most characters (or almost… though you can just chip them out if they survive with a few tatsus :))

I’ve been able to cancel the jab into the RDP on pad, and I’d buffer the motion slightly before inputting s.:l:. on stick it’s a little more difficult for me since I’m still getting used to it.

as for people not mashing out of their air tech, air throws actually have more priority than normals (correct me if I’m wrong), so people will tend to either mash on heavy to tech the air throw, or just mash period. if they like blocking after the air tech, free air throw. if they mash on heavy (which, thanks to the palm already starting up before they mash), free combo. that’s the whole point of these 50-50 setups-- your opponent is always gonna have to make a guess, unless they have a character with ridiculous priority on his/her air normals to out-mash you. thus, they cannot always rely on blocking to save themselves.

in any case, I’m trying to work on setups in case they DO block. weekend tourneys are coming up, so I’m probably gonna get inspired enough to head back into the lab and figure more stuff out with akuma.

I hope you find something that a non-superhuman can do (no canceling a light jab into backwards DP motion I hope >. < )

don’t worry man, character-specific tech evolves and probably I’ll find a better way to beat mashers instead of st.:l: xx :rdp:+:l: lol.