Ideas for fun SF4 Alternate Game Modes

Hey Guys,

Me and some friends recently picked up SSF4:AE for PC and are having fun with it. We have enough people to set up a tournament, but the issue is that we have very different skill levels and some of us are quite wet behind the ears.

As a fun way to get everyone involved, I am creating some alternate “events” during our tournament. Game modes that are fun for everyone, even if they can’t pull off anything resembling an advanced combos. Some of these events include…

Hadouken Wars: Only hadoukens allowed

Gekiro Challenge: Who ever gets the most combo hits with Gen’s Gekiro wins (NO EX!). Yes, it is that hard for us to do.

**Survivor Mode: **One player can’t attack- see how long you can survive for!

Judo: Only throws allowed.

Blind Mode: Both players play with their eyes closed. During the match one of the observers is a “caller” who can let them open their eyes briefly, Simon Says style.

Keyboard Fighter: You must fight using your keyboard.

Dizzy Mode: Only spinning lariat allowed.

Inverted Mode: You pick the character for your opponent.

Just wanted to see if you guys had any other fun events to recommend.

It’s not that much fun, but the reward is great.

Its called Training Mode. The object is to get better at the game so you can play,

Street fighter mode: where you play Street Fighter.

Then after you master that, blind mode becomes infinitely better.

i did this just a few days ago

I would pick the peoples character, and they would mirror match. I would take away a few moves or something and let them go at it.

c-viper - burn kicks and ground pounds only

adon - no blocking dp’s and tooths

etc - etc

I’m better than my buddies so I’m generally forced to play the choose a random character game.
My girlfriend and I regularly have a ‘boxing’ grudge match between regular games with Dudley and Balrog, it makes us laugh and is generally a good way to break tension (she hates losing, and I mean hates it - I hear the same stuff from her as from scrubs with “I was totally blocking”, “I pressed a different direction than that” etc being regular favourites).

There is always Rose Ball

best of 7 rounds is generally preferred though.

:rofl: @ Rose Ball

I am FAR better at the game then my fiance and she happens to main Rose.

I think I just found a way for us to have fun together :smiley: