Ideas for new Balrog costume



I thought of this yesterday but i want capcom to make a balrog a costume wearing a wifebeater, gold dollar sign chain, baggy jeans, lugz, do rag and brass knuckles. If they do make a new costume pack. Any ideas post them below.


So Mecha-Zangief was first, but what about Robo-Rog?


That’s sick.


The idea I have is No shirt at all,…on his waist one of his Heavy-weight Championship Belts,…instead of gloves he wears the hand wraps that would make me happy… Regular boxing shorts and shoes thats it. And the robo-rog is a great idea especially since Rog hates gief.



Looks like a hybrid of his Alt 1 and Alt 2 outfits. Not sure I like it. Mecha-Rog, on the other hand…


Yeah that Robo-Rog looking awesome.


I would be down with like a Football Rog. Helmet, pads, cleats all that stuff.


damn i shouldve thought of that


Oh yeah, and a shadaloo jersey


I don’t know if it’s worth the bump, but I just realised something recently in Balrog’s SVC chaos ending.
This outfit would make an awesome alt for him!


that looks sick… i doubt capcom will ever see this though :frowning:


I wanna see a shirtless and gloveless Balrog with handwraps… GET SOME TYSON IN THERE BAYBEE!


Some interesting ideas for Mods in here. The OP’s idea may be feasible, without the brass knuckles at least. Hmmm…