Ideas for new Echo Fighters?


Anyone got ideas for more Echo Fighters?

Mario - Shoulda been Dr. Mario
Link - Dark Link
Samus - Dark Samus
Pikachu - Shoulda been Pichu
Ness - Ninten
Bowser - Dry Bowser
Impa - Sheik(Yes, Sheik should be the Echo)
Meta Knight - Galacta Knight
Olimar - Alph
Toon Link - Shoulda been Young Link
Snake - Big Boss
Sonic - Shadow
Bowser Jr. - All the Koopalings should count as Echo Fighters
Mega Man - Proto Man
Ryu - Ken
Cloud - Zack
Bayonetta - Jeanne


Less, not more.


I also wish they were just alt costumes, but they aren’t, so I’m going with it.


Ditto… Randomly becomes another character at start, then turns into whatever character kills it.


@N_paul interesting idea, I suppose. An echo fighter for random?