Ideas for new fighting games?

i think there should be an rpg fighting game and the main character is like raiden.
it would be really sick and there should be custom combos 3d of course.
maybe a few cameo apearances from capcom characters you know.
oh and dont forget your trusty sidekick is seth killian omg omg.
this would be the sickest game ever. :rock:
ps i did not get this idea from 4chan


I vote IP ban

Same guy.

Concur! Despite the fact that I am an unknown nobody, I still have an opinion on the matter (and that opinion is: rickrolling is no longer funny)



close this thread mods

mods threads this close

and you’re a really bad troll…

you really want that red bar huh? well i don’t think anybody would give it to you cause you’d just think it was cool to have a red gauge


Just leave him alone.
Just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean his thread automatically closed- and why did you post in his thread if you don’t agree with him anyway? All you accomplish by responding to an unliked thread is continue it’s existence and waste Mr. Wizard’s bandwidth.Personally, I think having an rpg fighter hybrid would be a really cool Idea. You could choose new moves and power increases in your ch as you go along, gain exp, and even inflict status ailments upon yer opponents a la gg- plus you could use items to heal during battle.

In response to rickrolling, I propose that we do away with it and roll people with songs that they’d actually want to hear- this is not david grolling though.
Because Astley is about as popular as the backside of my left foot.

This is a much better alternative to rickroll. Everyone knows that.

First of all,