Ideas for next version of Blanka



Recently I found myself musing about the next iteration of the Green Machine.

Powerup move like Sagat’s that could make his next attack electric for more damage.

Short hop or hop in place that has fast recovery and can evade sweeps and lows.

Ex hop for faster execution and less recovery and mb different ranges depending on buttons used. That’d probably make it comboable, and it’d cost 2 bars, but it’d be worth it.

Give rockcrusher more range and limit it to F+MP.

Being able to guide any rainbow row.

Mentioned this one before- Having an option for rainbow roll to throw or at least bounce off instead of hit. Or maybe a powerful version that could be another option Ultra. PPP for air throw, KKK for downward roll after a jump. It’s be cool to see him jump in the air roll down to an opponent then bite his head off then shock him.

And of course the obvious: make beast rolls safe on hit!.

Just some thoughts, be nice if we could see one in an update, or SFxT.

Blanka Q&A Thread: Simple questions go here - not a new thread!

Make EX upball knock down.


so are these legit things that could get fixed or just some random wish list of imbalanced stuff?

if we are talking legit things i’d say make his cs.LP 3 frame startup as well as his c.LK. make his s.MP maybe 6 frame startup (i’d say 5 but that is just lol) Make ex electric have like 4 startup frames so that it would actually be something we’d want to use. (i’d be happy with 5 even).

as for imbalanced stuff. Make forward beast hop LP MP HP and back beast hop LK MK HK so i could hold a back charge while hopping! oh and make any ex ball cause a knockdown.


3 frame low short and having rock crusher being only F+MP not B+MP. That is all. If they add a 3rd ultra, 720 please.


give him an srk and a fireball and he’d be perfect.


I’d say a wish list, because if you fixed everything or added too much he’d be godlike.

Ultra could just be another option so no biggy, blocked balls being safe should be fixed first. If one or two other things got added that’d be even more awesome.


I just wish they’d speed up the animation of his f-throw. So boring to watch.

Edit: lol at giving him a vortex, even more reason to spam with him online.

  • First and foremost, make Horizontal balls safe on hit and EX-Upballs knockdown.

  • Make Overhead Rock Crusher quicker.

  • Give him an Ultra that you can link after a hit Ball attack from any distance (The Street Fighter EX Blanka is one of the best versions of him ever IMO)

  • Make Anti-Air Shout of Earth Invincible on startup. It has zero range already, at LEAST make it work if you manage to input it as the opponent is jumping in on you.

  • Make rainbow balls cancellable out of the back hop by pressing kick for fakeouts. It would also make it a decent anti-air option.

  • Make EX electricity juggle so he can have SOME combo fun.

  • pressing KKK during electricity can make it instantly cancel, increasing his shenanigan potential (which is what Capcom apparently sees him as)

  • if they’re looking to add a new move, down charge -> Up + punch for an instant burst of electricity, keep pressing punch to seamlesly shift into regular electricity. instant startup frame, invincible on EX. Can be used for combos, close range Anti-Air, and “get the fuck off me” for pressure tactics.

  • For God’s sake, allow him to have at least ONE ultra combo that doesn’t require a 1-frame link.


some of the stuff mentioned here I might as well say… give blanka a sonic boom like projectile… -_-;

seriously if anything… i say… make any type of balls on hit safe… up ball or regular… even when blanka is cornered… that would be a big enough upgrade for me…



my fellow blanka players, blanka is a really boring character to play.

Historically blanka has been fun to play and had a good upclose game, i’m not sure about the alpha games as i didn’t play them but i know cvs2 and i know sf2. Blanka was crap in ST because getting around fireballs/limbs was problematic and he was shut down hard by certain characters (rog :-(). But he had a normal grab that did about 25% damage and it outranged everyone eleses grab (aside gief and hawk/sim) so you could create inescapable tick throw setups since pre jump frames weren’t grabbable. It meant if blanka got in he was a grappler and a good one as you had to either reversal or get thrown. In cvs2 he had a wonderful upclose game, he had fully invincible on startup electricity which did tons of chip every time you knocked them down(think crossing up honda in sfiv and getting the full 5-6 hits of chip), you could literally bust it out at close range and beat level 3 supers, thats roll cancelling for you. Add to that its gaurd break ability combined with blankas great normals and A-groove activation blanka had one hell of an upclose game. Whilst blanka was crap in ST, he was fun, and he was fun in cvs2 as well, in iv he’s just not good up close, and is boring because of it.

In IV a character is good if it can out damage defensive options. dive kick, command throws and srk x fadc beat handidly and land massive damage. fireballs stop characters from honda from tanking. Blanka has none, he has counterhit traps yay! :slight_smile: and random ball vs a minority of the cast. If balls aren’t punishable on block he has a close range ‘mixup’ of sorts that lands reliable damage; will you advance normally or random ball? The opponent has to respect that and change their gameplan accordingly. It gives you room to make choices and exert some element of control. If blanka can’t blanka ball at close range unpunished on block then he must poke (non cancellable except lp x hop, so is FA bait), land a knockdown and go for counterhit/counter throw traps (delayed normals/throw to hit/land on the opponent during the start up frames of their attempt). the sfiv engine favour defense over offense, and what you notice playing blanka is that your offense lands you far less damage that the opponents reversal x fadc options. You might hear people saying certain characters like bison are good but lack any ‘comeback’ factor, blanka is the same because he has no high damage options and his upclose game is weak.

Random ball give blanka space at 1/4 screen, BUT its not that fun, especially for the opponent. and i actually like the fact that i can’t use balls in some matches as it means you need different strats for different characters. In fact i’d even:

  1. lower ball damage to 50 because its quite a whack way to attack. I like that blanka has no safe reversal on block, its so much more fun to fight characters like dudley and makoto who can’t srk and i want to give that enjoyment to people who play me too. Obviously if i had my way so far all i’ve done is nerf blanka. But to compensate for weakening his balls i’d add stuff thats both interesting, fun and also buffs his up close game:

  2. i’d make balls have less recovery on whiff. Ball mixups suck, its so easy to combo his out of a whiff jab ball.

  3. i’d make all versions of upball knockdown on hit

  4. i’d make all versions of rainbow roll controllable and or also on block it should bounce off like seths headstop

  5. i’d allow blanka to grab at any point following the apex of his command hop. (which goes over crouch tech :slight_smile:

  6. i’d allow blanka to burn 1 meter of ex during a throw to add 60 damage by shocking them after biting their face

  7. i’d speed up his walk speed so that walking elec can be more useful (it is still a bad idea as its reversal bait) but its fun vs some character like sim
    8)i’d improve the vertical hitbox on elec so people can’t jump on him at all. Seriously, you can’t elec on reaction to jump ins so if you have that shit out pre-emptively it should beat jump ins.

  8. AA U2 should have 0 frame startup but have its damage reduced. Currently you’ll never land it on anyone decent unless its off a crumple (which doesn’t count)

  9. overhead sould be f+mp only and should have faster startup

  10. +1 hitstun on all normals

  11. slide -7 on block instead of -14. At longish range it should be safe to throw out, FA kills it anyway.

  12. fierce elec should chip for 5 hits vs all crouching characters

Blanka would be pretty scary up close with the beast hop grab, and damaging throws. If everyone else was buffed then he could do without damage reductions. Overall i think with the exception of a few characters everyone in this game needs buffing to scary levels. The game isn’t offensive enough.


Make all 3f normals in the game non-chainable.

  1. i’d allow blanka to grab at any point following the apex of his command hop. (which goes over crouch tech :slight_smile:

oh i want that. haha that would be super sick


EX Upball knockdown
Increase hitstun of horizontal ball by 2-3 frames(I don’t care about punishment, I just want FADC combos)
Rockcrusher only f+hp
Increase rockcrusher overhead speed and possibly hit stun
Mullah’s idea for CvS2 level chip with Elec
Speed up f.throw animation

I’m cool with everything else.


Make it so that all non-EX versions of the Rainbow Roll can be cancelled at the top of its arc with a forward hop, which places Blanka in a standard jump-state allowing him to initiate a normal attack. :tup: Imagine initiating a jumping attack from almost full screen :razzy: or with a LK Rainbow Roll being able to do a pseudo short jump attack. Crazy stuff… but SO Blanka.

Having said that, It would be interesting to see CAPCOM give Blanka a standard short jump (CvS2/KoF style).

I Second! No throw animation should last more that 60/65 frames. It should be just enough for one to be able to charge their charge moves.


veserius , i would happily sit on db vs ur buffed blanka and react to throw attempts with delayed cr.techs no sweat. overhead on its own is no problem for me, i’ll take it because it does no damage anyway! your blanka would still die vs characters like cammy too as his offense is crap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

pulse, ooooh, low jumps in cvs2 were so good with blanka, low was like an instant overhead, and increased landing frames meant comboing into anything but a special (which cancelled those frames) wasi mpossible, i LOVE that. and the rainbow ball idea is cool too but surely you don’t need to hop to activate it mid rainbow, you can just press an attack and he’d do it. If you pressed KKK he should simply drop (same arc of whatever strength rainbow) so you could use it to empty rainbow and grab as they try to FA it. i like that a lot. but then thats basically a demon flip, so it doesn’t have originality points.


Well if you ate a fast overhead that was +4, db might not seem so safe.

Also I’m just trying to be realistic, he wouldn’t be great, but he’d be more solid than he is now. I don’t need broken stuff, though I wouldn’t mind it if everyone was a little more stupid.


cos they dont listen to us, i dont limit myself to realistic suggestions, but if i had to i’d say the hop grab addition + the rainbow ball change i suggested would do, as they fundamentally changes his game moreso than fixing his ball properties, and they would allow him to fight vs his bad matchups. But the hop grab would probably need a whif animation slightly longer than the normal throw one since it would be pretty damn good


Blanka balls should be punished on block by all characters and punishable on hit by none. Ya know, cause that would make sense.


Or what if you could ‘tech’ the recovery roll by pressing forward, stopping him while the opponent is still under stun, but breaking his charge for another?


yep i agree, but same goes for blocked scissors, headbutts, jag kicks, burning kicks, drills, knees, wheel kicks, demon flip kicks/palm, dash punches, swing blows, hazanshus, sobats, quesadillas, rekkas, ogas, hayates, spirals oh you get the point, your point is dumb.