Ideas for ST cabinet rules?

I wanted to post a flyer on the ST cabinet at PWN majors to emphasize the spirit of NW ST play (and lay a few ground rules). These were the rules I was thinking of. Please post with thoughts or your own rules!

  1. No akuma
  2. Games are best 1-1. You lose, you’re off.
  3. You must be physically present or you lose your place in line
  4. Spectators are encouraged to clap, nod sagely, and/or say “nice throw” when someone is thrown repeatedly to death.

others? I want some funny ones so the flyer is entertaining too and gets read :slight_smile:

  • No fancy combos
  • Even if you have an opening to combo, throw them instead

Vertical jumps probably won’t win you the match, but they just make you feel so pro. So it’s all cool - Keep on using those verts.

  • WARNING: Not arcade perfect!!!
  • No players under 52.
  • Comments about the faulty controls are obligatory after a loss.*

*might not be necessary, since these are ST players

  • Test your Fierce punch before the match, because we all know that missing one button, for some reason, will cost you the entire match even though you lost convincingly.