Ideas for Street Fighter 5


Hey guys :slight_smile:

i just checked out this thread and came across a nice idea because most of the guys in the thread would prefer a new title over another “rebalance” of the current game.

So i made some thoughts about a potential sf5 title and wanted to share it with you and get your ideas or wishes too.

4x Classics (Ryu, Blanka, Dhalsim, Zangief)
2x Turbo (Cammy, Feilong)
5x Bosses (Bison, Vega, Sagat, Balrog, Akuma)
5x 3rd Strike (Alex, Oro, Dudley, Yun, Elena)
4x Alpha (Birdie, Charlie, Rose, Karin)
2x SF4 (Juri, Rufus)

22 Characters

Advanced Technique:
cant really come up with anything equally useful as Focus Attack…
but I find Parry to be a really interesting Mechanic, SFxTs mechanic of “breaking attacks” via Ex Move / launcher is kind of interesting…
I would prefer an ability to cancel your own blockstun or avoiding hits to counter directly…
Something like mp+mk makes lower body hitbox disappear for a split second and hp+hk makes upperbody hitbox disappear for a splitsecond (not long enough for a projectile to pass through)… the later one would make it easier to develope “good” anti air moves, because you can basically avoid and punish reckless jump ins that way by pressing hp+hk and then a decent move to punish the air move. Only usable when the hit would confirm, just like you can cancel focus attack with taunt but only if done in the very first frame s + absorb activation. Character should blink just like in 3rd strike
This is by no means final, i would like your ideas about it ^^ or even other mechanics.

Reversal window:
to keep things short, bigger than Super Turbo and tighter than SSF4 window …

dont really care… just stricter than current SSF4…*
plinking still possible
hold and release to perform special move still possible

*(probably my own mistake but everytime I play hakan and go from block into qcf+p a freaking 360 grab is the result because I trained myself to press up-forward as the last direction to prevent srk type of moves to come out… just to avoid that srk shortcut crap. would also help to gain a better execution for everyone).

I liked the ink costumes of the ssf4 characters… maybe the whole design in that fashion but done in a way that you wont get eye-cancer from playing for more then 1 hour…

Arcade Mode (10 fights, 2 bonus stages, first after 3 fights, second after 7 fights)

Versus Mode (Player vs Player, Team Battle, Tourney Mode*)

Online Mode (Ranked Match, Endless Match, Championship Mode**, Team Battle, Ranked Team Battle(fixed team), Replay Mode)

Trial Mode (SF4 Style… inputs also on the screen, not via select button as currently, starts with real combos instead, because of tutorial mode)

Tutorial Mode (how to perform: Special Moves, Throws, basic normal move combos)

Rankings (Ranked Matches, Ranked Team Battles, Championsship Ranks)

** Tourney Mode:*

  • selectable Playernumber from 4 up to 16 or 32 (?)
  • selectable type of tourney (Winner / Loser Bracket, Instant elimination, etc)

*** Championship Mode:*
just like SF4, a lot of people enjoyed it and it would give people an alternative for ranked matches
completely seperated from ranked points

… and just some additional stuff about my thoughts for some things

I just wanted to make it really varied and avoided too much shotos on purpose… thus no Ken, Sakura, Oni, Evil Ryu, Dan, Sean, "insert random shotoclone)

Ranked mode pretty much the same as it is now, a lot of people enjoy it the way it is… maybe just tweak the point gain/lose a little*
Championship mode was also pretty popular when it was introduced in sf4 … even though it seperated the players :confused: well, i liked the feeling to play against equal or almost equal enemies.

*the hell is wrong with this system … player A (0 bp) fights player B (4000 bp)… player A wins and player B loses like 7-8 bp while player A gains about 80 points… seems kind of strange to me… but once player B reaches higher ranks like 5000-10000 points he loses big… -100 bp for example, i dont see any logic there, should be equal lose and gain, one loses 80, other gains 80… but again, just my thoughts

So… finally finished reading all that stuff, congrats and thank you :stuck_out_tongue:
feel free to post your ideas or changes to my stuff.


You missed Ken, they would not leave Ken out.


[*]**no fucking Ono **Yoshinori i hope [SIZE=7]he is fired [/SIZE]


I dig mixture of fonts.


Whoever the battle director for this game is who you need to direct your hate towards. Producers don’t have the pull you think they have.


They should make sure Juri isn’t as much of a derp as she is in SFxTK. She’s not as much fun as she was in super. Thats what they should fuckin do. They should also make Arcade mode at least mildly entertaining. With how it stands now I play it for my main character’s title then never go back to it again.


We’ll I hope most the ceos, marketing team, and the battle directors are all fired also


lol was only a matter of time before the SF5 wishlist threads would start popping up


I would like to see the perfect game that 100% of people will all agree to like. Is that asking too much?


no completely new original chars for sf5, OP?


Speed up the game by a whole hell of a lot.

Make jump arcs shorter.

Steal everything skull girls did and then add parrying and speed the game up a bit.


If that was the actual roster for sf5 i would have a conniption and commit horrible acts of violence like kicking puppies and punching kittens in the wanna interchange guile with charlie or a remy fine.but no chun li,ken or honda?karin but no sakura?alex no hugo?yun but screw yang?viper,abel get walking papers?birdie just there to add more to the randomness?thats not street fighter.thats mugen


please no more listening to this community. please. they’ve already destroyed a great legacy and replaced with statistics. please no more.


No DLC/disc-locked pay to play characters. Capcom can sell all the costumes, stages, and whatever it wants, but screw paying for extra characters.


So basically you want this?:



I have no hope that Capcom will ever make a good fighter again

just release arcade perfect ports of 3s CvS2 and MvC2 for modern consoles and I’ll be a happy camper


^ amazing.


It would probably be just another pre-ST pseudo storyline and new characters birthed from drug experimentation.

They should reboot the whole thing and build on that. Don’t do what Soul Calibur did; kill off characters, introduce younger clones, and basically said screw the story for most of them. Actually… they kind of already did that with SF3.

  1. Exclude all Japanese staff members from the production and development team. Leave them in marketing and such, just don’t let them get their hands on another SF game ever. Capcom USA owns the rights to Street Fighter, not Capcom Japan.
  2. ???
  3. Profit.


I do not really see any reason for SF5, making the characters even slower and heavier than they already are. but if a SF5 should appear then a more realistic approach would be:

  1. incorporate combos and ultra shortcuts, just like the 3DS version to be more beginner friendly
  2. gems will become popular as well. Super Gem Fighter all over.
  3. assuming Darkstalkers 4 will probably be ready by then, a few Darkstalkers characters may appear too.
  4. Microtransactions (are you on the verge of losing? quick buy this next special ultra move or gem for 0.99 cent to use it in the second round). The opponent will be unpleasantly surprised.
  5. Tied to one account even if you have two controllers in one console to play against a friend. he needs to enter his account name too. If he does not own the game he has to play 1 $ to play for 3 hours.
  6. DLC in the worst for ever.