Ideas for the return of 4 fighters/Striker/Tag System


I just got around these ideas in case SNK wants to continue experimenting or recover the ideas of the Striker and/or Tag functions, which I really enjoyed in KOF 2001 and XI.

My idea here is to recover the Striker System while adding to it some ideas from KOF '94-98 as well as KOF XI, to make it substantially more useful. While not necessarily forcing you to use it.

All the teams are formed by 4 characters, similar to KOF 99-2001. You select your 4 characters from the beginning, and before each fight you select who will be your striker along with the fighters order.


A =
Light punch
B = Light kick
C = Heavy punch
D = Heavy kick
SELECT = Taunt
A+B = Roll
C+D = Blowback attack[/details]


Super Gauge = It charges while you attack and receive damage. Up to 3 Super Stocks (your first fighter) to 5 Super Stocks (your third fighter).
Supermoves = Each character has two supermoves. Each one costs 1 Super Stock.
MAX Move = Each character has one MAX move. It requires to perform the command and press either the two punches or two kicks instead of one (it depends on the commmand). Includes cinematic angle animation. Spends 2 Super Stocks.

Emergency Evade Cancel = A+B while defending (costs 1 super stock).
Guard Cancel = C+D while defending (costs 1 super stock).

Supercancel = Cancels a special into a Supermove. It spends 1 extra Super Stock.
MAX Cancel = Cancels a Supermove into a MAX Move. It spends 1 extra Super Stock.[/details]


The game starts with 3 Striker Stocks.
Each time you lose a round, your next character recharges 1 extra stock (up to 3 Striker Stocks can be achieved in this way).

Recharge Striker Stock.
Hold Taunt (Select Button) for 1 second. Your character performs a taunt and if you hold the button you spend 1 Super Stock to recharge 1 Striker Stock.


[details=Spoiler]Striker Assist (1 Striker Stock).
Press B+C during neutral or hit and your striker will appear to hit the opponent with a pre-selected special move.

Striker Break (1 Striker Stock).
Press B+C while you’re being hit by a multi-hit throw from your opponent and your striker will jump in to break the throw. (Yes, multihit/mash button throws are back).

Striker Save (2 Striker Stocks).
Press B+C while you’re being hit by a multi-hit attack or a combo from your opponent (throws) and your striker will jump in to break the combo. Doesn’t work against supermoves.

Striker Tag (1 Striker Stock).
Hold B+C while you’re hitting an opponent and you’ll tag in to your striker character for a short period (a small depleting gauge will appear replacing the Striker Stock space) to continue the combo. You can tag out to your regular fighter again and continue the combo (by pressing B+C and spending one extra Striker Stock) before the Striker Gauge is depleted.
If you drop the combo or the Gauge depleted and you didn’t tag again, the striker intervention ends, your opponent gets knocked away and your fighter comes back to the stage while the striker tags out.

Striker Cancel (1 Striker Stocks + 2 Super Stocks).
Perform your striker’s MAX Move command while hitting the opponent with a supermove from your fighter, and your striker will appear to cancel your supermove with its MAX Move (it will always hit the opponent).

Striker Out (3 Striker Stocks).
Hold A+B+C for a second and you will disable your Striker Stock and all the striker functions for that round. That means no Assist, Tag, Tag, Save or Combo Break maneuvers.

Instead, pressing B+C (neutral state or during a combo) will spend 1 Super Stock and put your character in MAX Mode for a limited time, during the which you’ll be able to cancel supermoves easily and reduce by -1 Super Stock all the Supercancel/Max Cancel maneuvers.

You can also pre-select this before a round, before a fight or even during the character select, if you hold A+B+C during the presentation before the fight/match starts, and you’ll begin your fight/round with your Striker Manuevers disabled and the “Max Mode” option enabled.[/details][/details]

These are just some ideas I have for the system, they could be wrong and broken, so I’m open to constructive criticism to improve this idea of a system.


Here’s my idea for bringing back strikers.