Ideas of Rules for EVO

This is my first post in this Forum and I have been playing smash competetive like 3 years. I have participated on many tournaments in PR and have finished in 2nd, 3rd, and top 5 in almost all tournaments held here. When I first wanted to participate in big tournaments Like Evo I wanted to go because of the real competition and the rules were fair. Now with this new rules Im not happy so here are some ideas for the rules of EVO.

Also I went to evo world last year and finished 13 on melee my friend finished 9. He was a peach player and me a Fox. It was my first tourney in the Main land im from PR.

I’ve been talking to a few people about this subject, particularly with stages, and we’ve ironed out most of the details. Here’s an idea of what we may have in our early Brawl tournaments:

Match Format

3 stock
6 minutes
No items
For 2v2, Team Attack ON
Best 2/3 sets, winners/losers finals are best 3/5, grand finals best 4/7
Dave’s Stupid Rule: No stage may be used twice in the same set.
Loser picks stage, winner picks character, loser picks character (in that order)
Stalling acceptable where and when it can practically be stopped. Stalling in areas the opponent cannot reach without having to lose a stock or otherwise putting him/herself in extreme danger is banned.
In the case of a time over, the player with the highest stock count wins. If the stocks are tied during a time over, the player with the lowest percentage wins.

When choosing characters like Samus or Pokmon Trainer, you MUST announce which character you will use. Examples include:

Tricking someone into thinking you will use Samus, but then picking Zero Suit Samus, is not allowed. You are allowed to change into Zero Suit Samus mid-battle, however.
When picking Pokmon Trainer and your Pokmon, you cannot change Pokmon after the other player chooses his character. You may opt to use a random starting Pokmon, but you must tell your opponent such before they pick their character.

Other Rules: Do not reset the Wii or tamper with the game settings. No stage knock outs.

Stage Picks


Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island
Lylat Cruise
Castle Siege

Counter Picks

Delfino Plaza
Luigi’s Mansion
Mushroomy Kingdom 1-1
Mario Circuit
Bridge of Eldin
Pirate Ship
Frigate Orpheon
Pokmon Stadium 2
Port Town Aero Dive
Distant Planet
Shadow Moses Island
Green Hill Zone
Yoshi’s Island (Melee)
Jungle Japes
Rainbow Cruise
Pokmon Stadium


Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2
Rumble Falls
75 m
Spear Pillar
WarioWare, Inc.
Mario Bros.
New Pork City
Flat Zone 2
Green Greens
Big Blue

IF Mr wizard doent hear what the smash comunity is saying then he doesnt really care for the smash comunity cause Even PC cris said this rule set isnt good at all.

So what are you really waiting for MR Wiz to pay attention to the smash comunity just like evo pay attention to the other comunities like Marvel, 3rdstrike etc etc

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This thread will be locked.

Actually, I’d say his rules are pretty good. Better than what I saw in regards to stage bans in dmdrandom’s thread anyway. I think the whole Zero Suit Samus issue needs to be addressed though, like it was in this thread.

Pokemon Trainer isn’t an issue. You choose the Pokemon you want before the next screen. Zero Suit Samus you don’t know if she’s picked or not until you hit the Stage Selection screen.

Thank you for your very insightful thoughts. It was definitely worth posting.

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