Ideas on a Third Strike 32-bit console (de)conversion


i’ve always toyed with the idea on what it would be like if 3s managed to get a port on the Playstation, or, possibly the Saturn.

Now, I know 3s port on the PS1 would be severely butchered because of shit specs etc, etc, e.g. missing frames of animation, downsized resolution, downsampled music, no arranged mixes, all the superficial bullshit.

But what I would like to get out of this thread, is the input from Third Strike players on what specific gameplay changes would come out of porting it to the PS1 or Saturn w/o ram carts. If the DC port wasn’t 100% accurate, then I would like to know what kind of damage would come from a 32bit console port?




no dashes because not enough ram. yun with only 2 sa’s


why? :S


I just wanted to come in here and say that this is a really, REALLY stupid thread and the only reason I’m bumping it is because other people need to see just how stupid it really is.


You wanted to get Likes, didn’t you?


You liked it, didn’t you? :V



Please enjoy PS1 A3 today at your own convenience
Or Bad dudes NES vs Arcade.
Or Double Dragon.

! Undahpants!


Someone make a snes port. Ala the flash smash game

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What about mortal combat on the SNES with its buckets of sweat or bile or whatever it was instead of blood. Ever try the game boy version?

I still played the shit out of Bad Dudes on console in spite of how much worse it looked and felt.


My cousin was a pro at the BadDudes. But then again he was grinding the NES games into like 1998 there as his only console. His Megaman 1 runs & getting thru the block respawn jump parts was awesome.

Yeah we had only the SNES, and thus sweaty MK. $70 World Warrior too. Fuckin Blanka. But in the arcade I guess it was, Fuckin Vega Slide by dudes twice my age. Gdammit I need to Tatsu this guy.

Some GameBoy games weren’t too bad. OperationC or whatever the contra was called. Metroid II apparently is a game that held its value, but I’ve never played it.


OperationC and Metroid II were a couple of the best early gameboy games ever made. Missed out on M II myself unfortunately but a good friend swore by it.


So instead of upgrading a game you want to downgrade it? How stupid and degrading can you get!!! Its a good thing that all the smart professional game developers don’t follow your way of thinking. Oh…


M2 was sick. But I was too young and it was mad difficult. I remember I had some older kid borrow my game and save right before the last boss. So for about 3 years all I did was beat the last boss over and over lol.


PS1 couldn’t even handle Children of the Atom. In IG’s hands, 360 and PS3 couldn’t handle 3s. Like ST before it, Third Strike is basically an arcade only game, 3 decades on.


Ask Dander about that :slight_smile:

Sounds like dedication to me. Super Metroid was dope too. Top 3 SNES imo. What a franchise.
Hey maybe your boss grind in MII set up the neural pathways for all the time you’ve spent in training mode, lol!


3 decades.

did you get through remedial arithmetic alright?

it’s an issue of good business v bad business. it would be terrible business to spend the time to rebuild 3s from the original code to run flawlessly on 360 and ps3. nothing is to blame except the game itself for not having a big enough consumer base to ever warrant something like that.


I blame Canada. What say you now?


The 1990s, 2000-2010, now. Or was the PS2 version a perfect CPSIII facsimile? :zzz: