Ideas that could have improved Street Fighter


Now I know many love Street Fighter 4, and consider it a masterpiece fighter, akin to a fine game of chess. However, I do feel it could have had a better presentation, and pulled a LOT more new players into the fold. How you may ask? Simple. What do gamers love these days? Hardcore violence. Blood, gore. Dark themes. This is why games like gears of War and God of War do so well, they sell like hotcakes. Now I know “But Street Fighter doesn’t need to be dark/gorey, it’s a great game already”. yes I agree, but Capcom needs to make that moola, and the best way to do that is to cater to what people want.

Did you see the new MK movie trailer? That is what Street Fighter needs. SF needs to be rebooted from the beginning, and redone with a new story and style that appeals to the modern gamer. Grimdark. Gore. Violent. Scary. here are ideas I had for character stories as well as gameplay that would really help sell this game.

The general story in this would be this. Some of the Nazis escaped to South America during WW2 to avoid being captured by the Allied Forces. Hitler was among them, however many falsely assumed he killed himself. The Russians proved the DNA associated with the so called body was not even his, meaning he did in fact escape with his life. As the world continued to develop, Hitler with his remaining loyalists created the organization known as “Shadowlaw”, as a representation of the occultic symbol the “Black Sun” overcasting a shadow upon the earth when the 4th Reich finally is established. The logo for Shadowlaw is in fact The Black Sun.

Anyway, Hitler has his scientists using a particle collider they created to open the gateway between the human world and the demon world(pay attention to this, because Gouki’s story is related to this). Hitler allied himself with a demon lord in this world, Fortinbras(this ties together SF and Onimusha’s story) as well as Oda Nobunaga, another demon lord who recognizes Hitler as the man who was allied with his nation many years after his demise. They both give Hitler something called the psycho Power, this is a dark energy that is manifested from Hitler’s hatred towards all that is not Nordic and Aryan. Hitler reemerges into the world, calling himself the savior of mankind, and demands all governments dismantle and bow to him. He uses a new name for himself, Lord Marduk Bison, or M. Bison for short. He now holds the World Warriors Tournament and invites the strongest of the strong to fight one another for his amusement, the victor getting 100 billion dollars and the right to fight him and challenge his rule.

Ya with me so far? Good. Now that explains Bison, but what about other characters? Here are a few sample stories to whet your palette.

Guile: Colonel Guile was a soldier who served in the Iraq War, during which he and his best friend and fellow soldier Charlie, was set up and captured due to Bison’s influence and his mercenaries, and brutally tortured by muslim terrorists, with Charlie dying at their hands. Guile was set up by Bison as well, and falsely accused of raping a 12 year old Iraqi girl. He was tortured as well for over a year, and finally managed to escape somehow. His reputation as a soldier ruined, he now seeks vengeance against Bison for having his friend murdered and his career sullied.

Sagat: Sagat was living it up in Thailand as the reigning Muy Thai champion. One day he decided to celebrate a victory by buying himself a lady of the night, only to realize it was actually a man, not a woman. In a fit of rage, he brutally assaulted and killed the transsexual, only to end up being sent to prison for it. In there he happened upon an in prison fighting ring, where he became the champion there as well, and was respected by all the inmates. That is, until the day a young man visiting from japan who was arrested for street fighting was tossed in. This young man also engaged in the fighting ring, only to defeat Sagat and scar his chest, making him lose his respect from all the other inmates and his pride. Sagat, feeling the young man cheapshotted him, despises this man, this… Ryu… Bison, learning of Sagat’s strength and martial arts ability, arranges for him to be freed from prison. He now serves as one of Bison’s personal bodyguards, and enters the tournament to kill Ryu and regain his respect and pride.

Rufus: As a young man he was always picked on by the other boys. One day in high school he was violently sexually assaulted in the locker room by the football team and severely traumatized. Dropping out of school, he ended up getting in with a bad crowd and was arrested for selling drugs. In prison he was sexually assaulted again in his life by the bigger inmates. He had had enough, and started working out like a fiend to fend off his attackers, learning fighting arts form a chinese man whilst in prison.

Upon his release, Rufus started to feel disgusted with his body, as his rippling muscles reminded him of the very same jocks and inmates who had brutally assaulted him before when he was vulnerable and small. He decided to eat and eat and eat and get fatter, while maintaining his strength and agility. He formed a biker gang of other fat men, and they all went around assaulting and savagely raping and beating any buff and ripped men they could find. Rufus eventually met his soon to be gf, and decided what better way to impress her, than to enter the WW tournament and defeat any comers there. Plus, he heard there’d be lots of ripped, buff men there, men he could make submit like the bitches they are…

Ken: Ken was the son of a wealthy businessman who lived the good life. Living with his wife Eliza, all seemed fine, until one day a package was sent to them. Inside was a finger, belonging to his father, and a ransom note. His dad had gone gambling again, this time gambling away the entire family fortune. The ransom note stated if ken didn’t come up with the rest of the money, they’d finish off his father, and come for his wife next… Ken in a rage, enters the WW tourney to win the prize money and get his father back.

More to come…




Oh my, I hope people don’t hold SF4 in such high regard. By the way, I didn’t read past “Hardcore violence.”


Many do actually. But I think it can be even better. You really should read my ideas, they are what could really help to sell SF to the masses. I’ll post Gouki’s story soon, and some gameplay elements.


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Have fun with those repressed traumatizing memories.


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Presentation was the least of sf4 & ssf4’s flaws. And the masterpiece fighter bit is just down right funny XD


Well I felt the new stories makes the characters seem more realistic and gritty. I can feel Guile’s pain as a soldier. And due to it being the Iraq War, lots can relate to this as a modern event in their lives. When playing with Guile you’re not just playing as a badass soldier, but gaining an insight into the heart and mind of a human being.

Also the special moves will be designed to be more realistic. Guile’s Sonic Boom will actually be due to highly advanced sound technology placed onto his gloves(he wears gloves now here) that allow him to create furious loud waves of sound to devastate enemies. The Sonic Boom actually has stunning properties now, to make it more realistic.


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Ok, now for Gouki’s story:

Gouki was a martial artist hailing from Japan. he used to enter all the MMA competitions, until one day he killed a man i the ring with such a savagery, that he was permanently banned from every competition. No fight promoter would accept him anymore. He became a drunkard, soothing his pain at being unable to fight with alcohol. he wondered what had happened to him, why had he killed that man? A voice spoke to him…

“This is your destiny… let out the raging demon within… do not fight it…”

He tried to ignore it, but the voice continued. Gouki started to listen to this voice, this voice that told him it could grant him great power. Grant him strong opponents for him to fight. All he had to do was give in. Become one with the demon. Gouki gave in to the dark forces, and became known as Akuma, General of Hell’s army. he had now become a demonic fiend, a warrior who serves the demon Fortinbras, ruler of all the Genma. Gouki now seeks to enter the WW tourney to slay Bison under orders of Nobunaga and Fortinbras(Bison has no idea they are betraying him), and open the gateway between the human world and the demon world to create Hell on earth, where Gouki will be given all the worthy opponents he could ever desire…




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Yeah, see Gouki’s story is related to Bison’s. When Hitler took over the world with the aid of the demon lords, he was planning on creating the 4th Reich. However the demons simply wanted to use him to dismantle the world governments and create hopelessness and despair in the human race. They use Gouki as their agent of destruction to assassinate Bison/Hitler, and open the gateway between the human and demon world to allow the demons to invade, where humanity will be ruled over by Lord Fortinbras and Emperor Oda Nobunaga. They chose Gouki due to him being one of the greatest human fighters they have ever witnessed, and felt he’d be perfect for their purposes.

Here is how Hitler would look btw, the Psycho Power has given him full Aryan powers:


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Can Steve Wilkos make a cameo ??? Him being a former marine, could fit in Guile’s back story. :smiley:


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The game will have a reasonable amount of blood, and the blood will splatter and stay on the floor for the entire fight. The game will have interactive environments with deathtraps that can be activated when you have defeated your opponent, like Mortal Kombat’s pits and such.

Parrying will be in this game, as it was one of SF3’s greatest features, and would really add to the gameplay. Counters will also be added, similar to alpha counters in the alpha series, allowing you more defensive options to overtake your opponents. In addition, fireballs are completely reworked, you will now have a meter that will be depleted each time you use a projectile attack. You can recharge this meter using a charge function much like power charge in CvS.


No, however Abel will now be replaced by Brock Lesnar.

Also this game will have some good music to fit the mood. I hated that SF4 simply used remixed versions of old themes. How about something fresh, and new? Here are some songs that will fit:

[media=youtube]Z5OcRRxUFZs[/media] This will be Deejay’s theme, his new story and look is gonna be awesome, just you wait

[media=youtube]1GRRTl2uc_4[/media] Ken’s new theme, to show off his rage

[media=youtube]i3NhITKB16g[/media] Guile’s new theme

[media=youtube]YOxban5lPOI[/media] Gouki’s new theme

lmk if ya like that


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