Ideas to help revive the HDR scene

I’ve been thinking a while about what dgv said and not letting the scene die, and it’s really been on my mind. So the best I came up with was a series…my gt “XLegionariusX vs the All Stars”…1st to 5 sets so it wont take too much of anyones time. I’ll record the matches on youtube, and the purpose would be to highlight the best players.

I never played ST before HDR, and I had no concept of zoning, footsies or anything. I loved street fighter, and pretty much played every version that came out on console, by myself at home growing up.

With HDR I was like wtf? these guys are monsters. Before Online play I was satisfied with being able to fireball, or srk on command perfectly. Reality set in that I sucked day 1 of HDR’s release, but overtime, a long time actually, I started to learn how to play the game right. I was a ken player, but didn’t really understand the feeling of zoning until I switch to Ryu. Before that I felt fireballs were set ups, and chip damage.

With SFIV there are so many tutorial vids on youtube, with HDR I don’t really know of any. Had to look up Gigamsx(sp?) gief vs ryu video to learn that match up. What HDR needs is a Vlogger, that posts vids of his feelings on match ups, his games against other top players, and things of that nature. HDR needs a Dgv, mister egotrip, bluetallcans to post vids on their analysis of high level play, so new players like myself can get insight that we never got from the arcade scene.

Too many good players to name, but that’s my feeling on the subject. As for myself I’ll be sending all you guys 1st to 5 requests, and make a XLegionariusX vs The Best series or something like that. Hopefully you guys accept, and we can get some games in. Feel free to add some ideas.

Some peeps(me included), are helping a lot to keep HDR alive and hostile lol.
If you want to help, you can join these:

No Honor Crew: the idea of this group is: “Some players live by a fictitious Street Fighter rule book of fair play, understanding and honor. We don?t! All is fair in War! From tick throws to mad combo loops and from jab or strong pokes and footsies to zoning and turtling and from chip damage to cheesy victories! You pick the poison and we?ll dish it out. For we have No Honor!” -MisterEgoTrip

Join the group here:

We have a Facebook group supporting HD Remix and/or Super Turbo too, the same crew:

If you want to join this is another website with some NHC members, PSN, XBL and GGPO members

This site have tutorials, how is it done, FAQ, Terms, Forums, Online Tournaments(with prizes) etc etc for Super Turbo/HD Remix, we have a solid community there.

As you can see, we’re not as big as SF IV and SSFIV scene, but we’re loyal and solid fans to this great game, if you want to help, we’ll appreciate it!.

Proud member of No Honor Crew and Fighter101 Team.

Great ideas. I’m also a member of the NHC as well as IPW’s group. We are doing something similar, check it out:

HDR players battle it out on iplaywinner tv and get streamed. Our next Haunts vs The World show will continue this Thursday. Maybe it could give you some ideas. I’ll definitely support anything for the ST/HDR scene.

Would you support getting hot women into the scene? I’m fairly certain we lack that.

The best way to keep the scene alive is to think about why it is dying. It’s because people started to go their own ways and play other games. I see so many of the old HDR regulars playing other games now when they used to be on HDR instead. The main culprits are SFIV and MW2. The other reason is that it’s hard to get new players into this because those that are left on HDR tend to be good at the game, and for a noob, there is no learning curve because everyone just kicks their ass, they get fed up of it and go to play some scrubs on SFIV.

Play it
All I can say, if you play both HDR and SFIV and you want to support HDR; then play it more and play it often. SFIV is huge, new and relatively beginner friendly, so it will always have a large userbase, whereas HDR is more of a “hardcore” game (I don’t know how to put it), and has a smaller userbase. SFIV will not miss 50 players if they decide to leave for a while and play HDR, but HDR will get a massive boost in available lobbies. We need to dedicate time in order to prevent HDR dying.

Be patient
Nobody likes waiting ages for a game I know, but next time you start a player match for example, keep it open for as long as possible/for someone to join, but in the mean time browse SRK on your laptop or do something while waiting. Don’t just sit there, think no one is joining and start up SFIV. That is precisely why HDR online is dying. If you give up hosting that room, it’s possible for someone to come online looking for a game, see that there are no open lobbies and go on to something else. Then someone else comes online, sees there are no lobbies also, and then he goes to do something else. If you had been patient, you could have had a nice 3 player lobby by now. Simply put, if someone gets bored of waiting and goes to do something else, that’s potentially one less lobby open, and it might be that lobby that 3 or 4 other players were looking for but since it was not there they go and do something else. It’s like a butterfly effect. If one guy leaves, so can another, then more will follow those other guys because they want to play with them on a different game.

Keep it short and sweet
I suggest using 3 or 4 player lobbies, with 99 seconds time and best of three rounds. No 6 player lobbies with infinite time and best of 5 rounds please. It helps keep the lobby rotating even if a single person is dominating, and people are less likely to get bored and leave. The upshot to this is that if the lobbies are smaller, there will be more of them for a given userbase (example 50 players spread over 3 player lobbies instead of 6 player lobbies). This will give a more positive view when people see a large list of lobbies, as well as being able to find one with a good ping.

Encourage friends to play
You play HDR? Got friends that play SFIV? Tell them to get their ass on HDR for a bit. Send them an invite, or get them in a party and get them to play. Even if it’s only for a little while, more players online is only a good thing. Who knows, maybe they will remember how much fun they had before SFIV and might even play it a few hours a week.

Speak up
If you’ve got a mic, use it. Discussing HDR tactics and stuff with friends is as much fun as playing it, for example talking about the latest tournament, what move beats what, who are good players to look out for etc. I’ve been playing HDR since it was released, and I’m still playing it with the same group of friends I made way back then. I’ve had so many random people add me over the years, but because we never spoke, they eventually removed me or vice versa. What makes this game so awesome is the community, so chatting to someone and making friends gives them a reason to come back to HDR - to play against you and have fun.

Encourage new players
This is sort of an extension to using your mic. Lately I’ve seen quite a few new faces online. Some of them are relatively new to Street Fighter in that they may have played it before, but they got into SFIV big because of the hype etc and decided to try HDR out of curiosity. HDR is less forgiving than SFIV, and for new players it can seem hard, unfair or just plain broken when they are getting dominated by some of the great tactics that have developed over the years. At which point if it’s obvious they don’t know stuff like reversal timing, piano inputs etc, suggest it to them and explain it. Once they get it, they will improve slightly and can enjoy the game more. Helping them understand how the game engine works will cut out some of the frustration and the temptation to give up on HDR and go back to SFIV (I have so many people ragequit in HDR directly to the dashboard or SFIV it’s sad). I’ve even managed to convince a number of Akuma players to Ryu players. It’s amazing how far some encouragement and help actually goes. It seems like some of them don’t even realise how broken Akuma is until you explain some of the details to them.

What we need is a plan to reclaim some of the HDR players from SFIV. The majority of my friends list has been lost to SFIV. Most of them get deleted except a select few who used to play HDR with me back in the day and we had some really good times. It seems that most times they feel they cannot be competitive in HDR and that since there is a wider player base on SFIV, that maybe they are able to find people of a similar skill level.

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Also, if there any local tourneys in your area (I don’t care how big they are) push to make HDR happen, even if you have to bring the setup yourself. Sure it will take some of your time and commitment, but its always worth it to support your local scene.

Case in point: (I think HDR is floating at around 16-20 entrants right now, not bad considering it wasnt even gonna happen at first.)

I want ratios man, hard empirical data, where is the MATH?!?!

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Ha ha. You should probably set your standards a little higher.

Yeah i think videos of certain matchups for HDR would be nice…Maybe the “HDR All-stars” should start making videos on how a certain matchup should be played for their main characters. This will help beginner/intermediates get into the game.

I’ve been doing my part in my community by holding SFIV tournaments but also add HDR into the mix. I notice peeps didn’t want to play any game besides SFIV, so i started introducing HDR & they seem to love it. Im hoping the trend continues & hopefully i get them hook before SSIV comes out. I got 7 weeks!

Been there done that. I’ve seen better midget hookers than 1hitparry.

Do you really think that HD/ST scene is dying?, i know is not their golden age, but damn!, we have GGPO, Supercade(2dfighter), PSN and XBL platforms with a big base of fans and counting.

Super Turbo was born in 90’s and still around, will SFIV series achieve such great success?, i don’t think so.

I guess we know what Vestax is in to.

well hdr on the psn is dying for obvious reasons but i didnt know xbox live hdr was in that state to since you guys pay to play quality online.

I suggest when playing new HDR players, is to not kick their ass repeatedly without giving them any sort of advice. Maybe use a character you’re not too familiar with. Emphasize on what makes the game fun.

:rofl: I love you guys. (no homo)

We do get quality online, but unfortunately the money pays for server bandwith etc, not guys employed to play HDR on demand :s

Someday PSN HDR will have a saviour!

oh well if it does die blame it on sirlin haha j/k. but seriously i’m worried that it might be the last round for hdr(ssf4…) and idk if people are giving up on hdr or just want a new street fighter…