Identify 17 ways to win: X-23 Fight Nights!

So now that there are actually online spectator lobbies in UMvC3, how about some X-23 Fight Nights? We can all get together and put our skills to the test, and hopefully learn a thing or two through some fun online battles. I’d be happy to host on nights I’m not doing anything since I have UMvC3 for both X360 and PS3.

Here’s what I have in mind:
[]The use of X-23 is encouraged, but not required - whether or not you use X-23, if you want to train against her or are interested to see some good X-23 play, then feel free to join in. Beginner and veteran players are all welcome!
]The lobbies should be invite only (at least to begin with, if it becomes popular we could make it public), so send a friend request to whoever is running the lobby and you’ll get an invite.
[]While playing online is always a competitive experience, the aim here should be training and learning, so come with the attitude that you’ll come away knowing more than you brought in, not to dominate or belittle your opponents. Anyone with a bad attitude will be banned from future lobbies.
]Voice chat is also strongly encouraged so we can offer constructive criticism and advice to each other during and between matches. Please be courteous and don’t leave your headset on with annoying background noise/music/etc. and also be respectful or you’ll be asked to leave/turn off voice chat.
[]If it really catches on, then we can make this a regular activity (set weekly times) and I’ll even look into streaming it online so anyone can watch. I imagine one XBL and one PSN night per week, or just alternate weeks between the two.
]If the lobby is full, be courteous and let others have a shot if there are people waiting to join in. Also, if you have a poor Internet connection, then it might be better for everyone if you wait for a streaming option to watch.
I’ve always considered the X-23 board to be a friendly and collaborative place on SRK, so I hope you like this idea as much as I do. I think this could also help X-23 get some much needed exposure to the community since she still doesn’t seem to get the respect she deserves. :)Let’s start some discussion here and gauge the interest. If you want to be a part of it, then share your XBL and PSN gamertags!

PSN: MelloFellow13

Player List:
(SRK user - Gamertag (Location))

MoFro - MoFroGT (GA, USA)
DevilJin01 - DevilJin01 (MD, USA)
Mankat - Salty Mankat (MN, USA)
Traumatisch - Traumatisch (Europe)
Kornwallace - Kornwallace334 (AL, USA)
Class Real - ClassReal (LA, USA)

MoFro - MelloFellow13 (Atlanta, GA USA)
jaytoo - jayto89
Ryuga - Otogi-Matsuri / Blonde-Bachi (Europe)
Sojoro - Sojoro
Sess - Sesshomuronay
Merkyl999x - Ashilde

Reserved for event schedules, stream links, etc.

X-23 Fight Night #1 - Thursday, January 5 7:00 PM EST on XBL

Sig. XBL only.

I’m game…

on PSN: jayto89

Hope I’m not the only one, lol.

I’m in. I only got UMvC3 for the 360 and I am only available on Sundays and Mondays. Gamertag is Salty Mankat.


Otogi-Matsuri, or Blonde-Bachi(a friend’s account.)

PS3 only, EU. :frowning: So no playing with the US folk. If anyone can record matches, could be handy to get vids uploaded.

Time to come out of hiding. PS3 only: Sojoro
And yo DevilJin01: I like your X-23 tutorial videos. Looking forward to learn from you guys =. I can do Friday nights, Sat nights, and Sunday nights.

PS3 only: Sesshomuronay

I kind of use like 20 different characters from time to time, but my X-23 team I would consider my best/main. By that I mean X-23/Doom, the third character is just there to die and build meter cause I cant play anyone else.

Sounds like we’ve got the beginnings of something nice - everyone sign up if you’re interested and then we can get one of these going soon!

EIGHTYYARDS NYC is my XB GT. I’m definitely in. I’m not all that great but would love to be involved.

I use X, Rocket Raccoon, and Viper. Weeknights is the best time to catch me on.

God damnit, sucks to live in Europe for these kinds of things. There is no way in hell there’d be a playable connection.

Not entirely true man. I have friends from overseas. In England, Scotland and Sweden and I dont get lag with them. Its worth a try.

Hmm well we’ll see I guess. GT is Traumatisch, I’m on XBL and I’m Dutch, so judge for yourself what the connection would be like ideally and add me if you’re interested.

Will do. And look, at the worst, I’ll simply move next door to you, leaving everything behind so we can play without lag. :tup:

why is it 17 ways to win? (yes, I’m a noob)

I don’t believe there is any actual meaning behind it other then a pre-match saying she has. I think it’s really “I’ve already identified 17 ways to beat you”. The one I hate is “I’m the second best at what I do”. You are #1 babydoll. :wink:

x-23 is so awesome. she’s just so misunderstood. My future wife, DIBS!!!

Please man, she would surely choose someone like I, with close to 40,000 GS points. :sunglasses: