Identify this Arcade machine

Just bought this machine have it all hooked up but dont know where it came from.Can someone help me identify the cabinet style.

Well, it’s definitely not an MVS-U4.

We refer to those cabinets as Z-Back’s, and judging by the cp, it is more than likely a Dynamo… That is a great jamma cabinet, real easy to swap out boards and flip the monitor…


Thats in really nice shape. Do you mind me asking how much you paid?

Whoa, ugly!

I like it. :slight_smile:

Amount Paid

Actually this photo is not mine i can assure the cab i got is in better condition and i got the cab empty for 50 bucks on ebay no one bid on it…i think i got a great buy already playing third strike and guilty gear on it!

Ohhh man, it looks like it would tip forward so easily! I’ll bet it was created specifically to crush children. Thank goodness it’s only running ST: that cabinet would be way too dangerous with something mash-happy like XvSF in it. :rofl: