Identify this PC game for me?

Hey, so the search isn’t working for me to find a PC game thread, but I just have a simple question.

About 10 years ago, I had a game for Windows 98 that had a red and blue mechs… One had a chargeable shot and could absorb enemy shots and the other was a melee ninja with a basic shot… Sound familiar?

I think the title was Metal Blood, but that’s not the title. I could be way off on the title too… but it was an obvious MegaMan ripoff, only it had mechs.

Found it
Iron Blood for those who were/are interested

It’s free on old-games

You didn’t find nothing.

Actually the distribution/legal status of this is unknown. There’s a demo of it here.

Ahh, thanks for the clarification.

Fun medical fact: Iron Blood is the opposite of Anemia Blood.

Stay tuned for more fun medical facts!