Identify this twin stick?


Hi folks! I found this on this guy’s website: it is for the PS1. Looks a bit like the blaze twin stick, but more chunkier (maybe it can be easly modded). Anyone know the name of it and has pix of the insides? or mod details?


That is definitely a sega hss-0130 clone. Don’t know what its called though. Heres the original :


I do remember seeing some threads about modding that stick.
It’s a Chinese knock-off of the Sega HSS-0130. I was looking into it a few months ago, but I completely forgot the name at this point in time.

If I remember correctly, there’s plenty of clearance for standard Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, but it’s the mounting part that’s the issue.


Ah nice. Any pics of the insides?


“Skream twin arcade stick”

pictures of internals

there’s also a few threads on here on SRK Tech Talk about it. just search function.


Had a look around, only one useful topic and the pics are broken. I’m wondering if the case is big enough to seat sanwa or seimitsu sticks, with osbf buttons.


Wow the inside of that looks awful. Actually, all if it looks awful! XD you would want to replace EVERYTHING lol