Identifying a candy cab


I have the opportunity to possibly buy a working candy cab with a Neo-Geo MVS and SVC Chaos for $100NZ (~$53US) plus shipping. This is obviously an insanely good deal, but I can’t identify the cab by sight to get its weight, and thus get a quote from a shipping company.

Here’s a link to the auction itself (I’ll trust you guys to not snipe me - plus there aren’t many other Kiwis on Tech Talk anyway)

If someone could eyeball that photo and tell me what cab it is and/or its dimensions and weight, I’d be most grateful.


Looks like a Sega New Astro City cab cause the way the speakers are on top and the way the coin doors are. Looks like the monitor was changed from a 29 to a 25?


Hmm, comparing it to this site, it doesn’t really seem match a New Astro City. Is that site wrong or are you mistaken? I appreciate your help either way though. :tup:


Man they had a few of these at a Pizza parlor by my house in Puerto Rico. Many, many hours of epic Windjammers fights held on those. :slight_smile: (Fuckin’ love that game. Wish it had caught on and made sequels.)

I don’t know the weight either, but wish ya luck picking that baby up. It’s a good cherry.


It’s a Korean cab from the early 90s.


Ah-ha! I thought they looked like korean parts but I’m not familiar enough with them to have been sure.

You don’t happen to know the make/model or dimensions? Or a site that specialises in korean cabs that might know?


Doesn’t look like an Astro panel (it looks too square).


Check the archives there, you’ll probably find it. I don’t know off the top of my head exactly what it is.

But I would buy it regardless if you’re in the area it’s being sold. That’s a hell of a price if it doesn’t skyrocket too high.


Hmm, with a bit more hard work digging, it appears it may be a “Crowin Case” of some kind, and be largely wood rather than plastic. See this post on, and compare the coin mech area.

I still definitely want it, but that extra weight’s gonna up the shipping cost. :frowning:

EDIT: Tracked it down finally now. It’s a Samducksa CWC-201. Now I just need to find the specs for it.


Yeah, it’s this one on


Some good pics and info there if you’re needing specs and dimensions.


Oops, guess no specs on that page. But good pics


It’s an OK BABY! Korean machine.


I want one!