Identity Confirmation on Jeff Schaeffer


Someone is actually claiming to be OG Jeff Schaeffer, one of the most dominant players in U.S. Street Fighter history. I’m just asking confirmation as to whether he is saying who he really is, or he is just some wannabe faking it.

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Questionable things : Claims that Guile is best in HF and CE. From what I remember, universally accepted that Ryu is best char in HF due to having the least amount of bad match-ups (going 6-4 against Guile, 5-5 at worse according to most people here, only have a few problematic match-ups but most are 4-6 at worse for him), and CE Dictator was the best hands down from what I read (I’ve played some of the old school games, but I didn’t grow up with them so I can only go off what other people tell me)

I respect old school players, and I find it hard to believe someone like Jeff Schaeffer would post/speak in such a ridiculous manner. Don’t want someone soiling his name just because some wannabe wants to be an “authority”.

Note : Ignore the whole HoN business, I am a nerd and I know it ^^ I just want to know if this guy is making stuff up or if he’s the real deal.


why the hell would you care?


yes, thats him


That guy has a SRK account here, maybe you should PM him.


Can’t tell for sure on his identity, but I can remember jeff saying on here that Guile was the best overall in CE and turbo. Tomo thought that too. They did acknowledge that bison was silly broke in ce and had the most dominant match ups, but he could lose to good fireball games.

Also he did main sagat


Because if that is an OG I’d take his remark abit more seriously than if he was some wannabe? Plus I thought most people here respect oldschool players, and thus it would be good to know if he’s the real deal or he’s some joe schmo impersonating him? I mean, I don’t play fighting games much anymore, but if there’s one thing I do know that past champions deserve respect for what they did in the past (at least when it comes to Street Fighter).


That’s Schaeffer. I remember seeing a game where he played the HoN equivalent of Earthshaker. He’s a solid player.

Make sure you tell him how much you think blanka sucks =]


Sad! He’s just a raging HoN player now! lol :stuck_out_tongue:


When you get older, you don’t have the same reaction time as before.

Maybe I should take up HON. :slight_smile:

I’m a little younger than him.