Idiot Congressman Calls Evolution "Lies From Hell"


I wouldn’t post this in it’s own thread, if it wasn’t for the simple fact that this buffoon also sits on the House Committee for Science, Technology, and Space.

Seriously, if you’re an elected official, and you deny a FACT, you should be fired.

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Proof of evolution plez.


Welcome to amurika. Something like 50% of the country believes in creationism…




There is far more compelling evidence favoring the theory of evolution over creationist and intelligent design.


Figured someone would post about this lunacy. Here is the vid:


What is even greater is that no one is running against him, so he is guaranteed another term.


The THEORY of evolution versus the WORD of GOD.


umm, there is evidence for evolution (hint hint 65 million year old dinosaur skeletons, for one).

There is zero evidence for creationism. Creationism is for people who can’t read, but had somebody read a bible for them. Why in the holy fuck is this clown on the house comittee for Science???


edgy teens itt


Wait a second, that guy has a MD???
And just a fyi Songo, the meaning of “theory” in everyday language is different from how it’s used in scientific terms. Theory in science is basically accepted fact, eg. the THEORY of gravity. Creationists just leap onto this word like a rabid dog because they know the general public doesn’t know this fact.


america’s race to the bottom at it’s finest


You’d think if there were a god that its message could be better delivered than by using an archaic book that has so many divisive interpretations =P


There is no god(and if there was, no human being now or ever would be able to even begin to understand it’s complexity), and there doesn’t need to be one.

Shit just happens, not everything needs a stupid explanation.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what made you or this ball of dirt and water you’re living on, you’re alive now and thats all that matters.

Or it could just come down every couple of years and do something, if it’s so damn all-powerful it could surely tell each and every human being on the planet what it wants at the same time.


Fuck that. The simple fact that cantaloupe and prosciutto taste so good together proves intelligent design. No world created in chaos could make something so delicious with two things so different.


Just how dumb does he think we are?!!

I’m sure the people who made this video thought they could pull the wool over our eyes, but if you look closely you can clearly tell that his entire audience of deer is FAKE.


Those dating machines were calibrated by man himself. 65 million years and not one link to us coming from dinosaurs


You mean Creationists don’t know this fact. It’s sad really.

Hell always seemed like a cool place to me anyway, so if all this knowledge, and science stuff comes for there sign me up.


I love how wildly regarded and respected science can be simply called “lies from hell” to keep people from understanding they need a savior, but calling religion lies from heaven to keep people from understand how the world works would be considered blasphemy and therefore criminal if creationists had it their way. That, and I regard myself a Christian. Fuck religion.


Those books were written by man himself.


So wait God didn’t write the bible?