Idiot Takes Selfie With Snaaaake & Obviously Gets Bitten

Moron got stuck with a $150k hospital bill, too.

One of the rare moments I don’t mind Americans not having proper health insurance.

but how many likes did he get for that selfie

Don’t fucc with me nigga :rage:

You know what they say, you mess with the SNAAAAKE you get the fangs.


it’ll never be as stupid as the guy in OP :sunglasses:

That’s fuckin’ ridiculous.




Antivenom is hard and expensive to make.

shoulda just called RAMBO instead…he’d punch the venom outta you :relieved:

It was covered by insurance, so…yeah. Still that shit is crazy.

He wanted to post in the selfie thread

If I was ran his insurance company I would deny his claim. He should have to pay out of pocket for being that stupid. Sorry Sir, our company does not cover selfies with venomous snakes.

Solid Snake selfie > Rattle Snake selfie

Both will probably kill you though

Well at least the aftermath photo’s interestin.
Got urge to google why venom makes people skin change drastic color like that.

your insurance dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen

Necrosis induced by protein-destroying hemotoxin and myotoxins. This causes rapid hemmorhaging as blood vessels and muscle tissue rupture. Not a nice way to go.


Cant wait for other idiots to try to take a selfie with some wolves, or a grizzly bear. Fucking morons.


is so proud right now. :heart: :cookie:

i’m still flabbergasted that on his bill, the immediate care room, and laboratory costs, are each equal to sending somebody to college for a full education…

lmfao if I was american, I would never leave the house, I couldn’t afford to scrape my knee or anything.

Here’s a song he can listen while recovering from the snake bite:

He looks like the type that talks shit about Obamacare, but now wishes he had it.


He had insurance. Well damn…

Shits outrageous, and besides the general outrageous cost of getting that treatment, there is only one company that makes the antivenom they need to treat him. I’m sure its the same company that makes all the anti-venom for snake bites, but i know specifically that antivenom has no competitors, which allows them to charge i believe its 5-7 thousand dollars per vile to the hospitals, and he needed 12 just to save him. Granted that still isnt equaling 80+ grand, but thats the hike up, and ass fuck that the hospital is going to give you because why not.

If anyone here has anyone with medical issues that they have to pay monthly for, or you do yourself. You know about generic vs mainstream brands, and how the companies grip tightly onto their patents for years before it can go generic, and have the price drop something like from 500 a bottle no insurance to like 65 dollars once it goes generic. Its absurd.

I guess i dont post enough lately, but did you guys read the article about the guy who had to buy his wife inhalers on the deep web to keep her from dying essentially, because it cost too much without insurance.

Why I had to buy my wifes inhaler on the dark web

Hes stupid as fuck for getting that close to a rattlesnake, but there have been cases before of people getting bit by accident, having to get treated, and getting fucked by the bill too.