Idk if this is old

but this is a really cool spot for some gifs, both from games, and just general stuff, like effects

Ha, they stole the Cyberbots sprites from Inner Circle.

…and other sites (Gamegen being one of them). Yeesh.

yeah, they got a few ken and ryu sprites i’ve never seen before though… like ken’s cvs2 sprite when he gives the peace sign

He has that in CvS Pro as well.

Wow…this site didn’t even bother changing the file names (excpet taking out - and ) on most of them. --

Thats funny VX2 your like the sprite ripper cop,you go around checking who ripes what.Good job.

Hmm…I’m picking up some really blatant sarcasm here…SHIT! IT’S OVERLOADING…IT’S OVERLOADING! boom