- have a complete stranger dump your bf/gf for only $10

#1 <-- Website. <-- Recorded break-up calls.

Funniest shit ever. Muffled disclaimers at the beginning of phone calls ftw.


I thought this would be about poop.


Ho-leeeeeeeee shit.



Well it is pretty late I guess.


This is simply amazing. Perfect.


This is simply GODLIKE.


Silly website.

I’ll do it for $5.


The[media=youtube]YXKEncyjIEY"[/media] one is so cold blooded. :rofl: I’d have to mutilate someone.

[media=youtube]kWof3bj-qe4"[/media] is just creepy. :confused: Who poses as a fifteen year old boy to talk to “girls over eighteen”?



this has to be fake lmao


I wish I had thought of this. This is amazing. I would love doing this to people.


diddnt homer simpson do this like 3 years ago?


simpsons did it!

no seriously best website ever. my breakups are always mad awkward so this will certainly save me time and stress. i honestly think ill become a customer.


Brilliant. I’ve been thinking about a career change (well, a career to begin with) and crushing peoples’ souls might be just the thing.


I love this site. The Santa one is too hardcore. It’s Jesus’ birthday and you are being dumped! HO HO HO


You have saved me from an afternoon of boredom, i’d rep you if i had prem.

Godlike site.

I wonder how long it will be till theres another site llike this.


Wow. First I get to see, then stumble upon (which is amazing) and now this?

The internet is amazing.


Wow! I’m surprised the guy didn’t hang up on Santa.


I can’t believe this.


Hella creepy. Good thing the girl printed out the emails.

Overall, this shit is pure win.:lol:


He calls them back until they gets them to say it on they understand that they are being broken up with.