- have a complete stranger dump your bf/gf for only $10


I wonder whats the policy for getting your money back. The one with the dude crying after getting locked out of his house was :rofl:


Seriously? So if I get a call from Douchebag Santa and I hang up and decide to go run some errands for a few hours, this guy could possibly be blowing up my phone the entire time I’m out? Well…suppose you gotta make sure to make good on those $10


Yup, yup, he called one guy 4 times until he could hear him properly. another one hung up on the call and he called him back. this is some crazy stuff.


Best find in a long while. This is PURE entertainment.


lol, the gay valentines breakup one is hilarious. especially when he sings it as a showtune.



I’m sorry, while I find this HILARIOUS, I have to question the ethics behind it. Someone can just make shit up about you and have you embarrassed pretty thoroughly. I imagine most of the reason people are doing this is to get hardcore ‘revenge’ on people and aren’t so concerned about the truth being voiced.


Well there’s no last names and most of the ones that end up on the site are the ones with the really stupid people that actually admit to whatever it is they are being accused of doing.

I have to admit I have my reservations to whether it’s real or not. Some of these people, like the Glenn Beck guy (, are really over the top. But then again, people like that actually exist, so… yeah. I’m torn. It’s entertaining nonetheless.


If any of you this service, I will do it for $3.


i thought this said “have a stranger dump ON your bf/gf for only $10”



…I think I may need this…

“…You mean this is real?”:crybaby:


me too bro, me too.


I think that’s the funniest part. The second he gets them to agree that they understand the call, he goes “well good, thank you very much for using”, that’s the best insult to injury of it all. :rofl:


lmao at the guy that dumped his girl because she is a squiter :rofl:

Glenn Beck guy was fucking dumb.

After watching a fair few, the lesbian one was the best (what a bitch!!) I only felt sorry for one person, guy had been working 7 days or week for 7 months (so he says) to buy a ring for his girlfriend, only to find out she is sleeping with someone behind his back, he certainly did not deserve it!


I can see this being very badly abused by some psycho paying the website parading as somebody else and ruining somebody else’s relationship.


Someone in SRK should pretend to be a gay couple…Like fishjie & Carpetlint…One of the two could be like i dont want that little asian dick anymore, i want some big black dick! I found myself a real man & he’s a boxer who’s all about the fight money! I’ll pay $10 to hear that…

I think this is staged though, i only heard the 1st one so far…