If 2 VG Companies Had To Merge

Which ones would you pick?

Square and Enix merged and it seems to work out pretty decently for them and their consumers.

What about Capcom and Konami?

Atlus and Nippon Ichi?

Personally I think I would pick Falcom and SNK, they could possibly compete with the big boys at that rate.

Let’s not talk about the acquisition of Rare by Microsoft please. No kremlings in Rare anymore leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Here’s an extended list just to act as a reminder to how many companies there are.

I immediately thought Capcom and Konami as well.

Or how about Atlus and Konami/Capcom? Or hell Atlus with anyone, they’re fucking great.

Atlus would probably get swallowed up whole like Clover was by Capcom (yeah I know it was a subsidiary) or Konami eating up Hudson Soft.

I think Rare ate up Tradewest (makers of Battletoads)

Capcom-Konami rolls off the tongue well, just like Square-Enix and Falcom-SNK. :sunglasses:

Ooh, how about Treasure-Irem. Huh, huh?

Check out Irem’s awesome “Producs” http://www.irem.co.jp/e/index.html

SNK Capcom

SNK- Programmers

Capcom- Characters. Pretty much a perfect company.

Platinum Games and Ignition Entertainment. That way we can get Clover back.

Smart thinking.

I went to Warhouse in Long Beach recently to relive old times. I even pondered getting back into yugioh. I asked about the top decks and the money cards, since the biggest reason I left ygo was because I didn’t want to pay 60-70 dollars for 1 card (“Destiny Draw” around 2007, if you were wondering). Dude pulls out a card called “Tour Guide from the Different Dimension” and tells me it’s worth $170 and that most decks that run it will run 3. Didn’t believe him. So I searched for it on ebay:

So to answer the question posed by the OP, I want any company to merge with Konami and take over handling Yugioh…
fuck fighting games. I just want to nerd it up with yugimonz once again. All this pressing buttons shit is hard.

Tecmo and Squeenix.

Actually, any defunct company and Squeenix.

Square Enix x Konami

Final Fantasy VII Remake - spend over 500+ hours watching cutscenes and 100+ hours of gameplay. :smiley: GOD :yawn: DAMN :zzz:

SNK can’t develop no Resident Evil, Dead Rising, or Monster Hunter.

this is like a versus thread but instead of fighting there is gay intercompany sex

you people are all sick and disgusting

Koei-Tecmo and Sega.

Streets of Rage Musou? Yes please.


See… this is why I’m gonna just start ignoring you. :tdown:

Mk, do it.

Never claimed to be an expert, it was just a general observation.

LOL I’m only kidding. But if you were from the old skool, I doubt you’d feel the same way about Square/Enix. :tup:

Arcsys — Capcom

I kinda figured. Usually good at reading sarcasm, but I think the thumbs down sold it differently than you intended. :sunglasses:

But yeah, I don’t know, first RPG I ever beat was Dragon Warrior when it was just Enix. So if Enix never merged and made more Dragon Quest games I might agree.

Give me some specific reasons as to why it would be better without the merger. FFXII and (depending on who you ask) FFXIII are a given for most people.

Capcom + Sega… then my dream of a Bayonetta/Devil May Cry crossover extravaganza could finally be a reality.

Also, the Phantasy Star franchise could finally be in more capable hands…

It could also mean a revitalized Eternal Champions for the modern era…yep.

Dragon Quest 8 was the last thing they made that was extraordinary.

And that was all on Enix.

The last thing Square made that was even remotely worthy of their legacy, was FF9.

The symbiote needs to die, already.

Ergo, they need to merge with some defunct company, to take them the final distance to the event horizon.