If 2012 Edition by some chance got new characters

Maybe 2 to fill in the spots under and above yang & yun that appear to have space for at least 2 more characters…who would you like to see? Characters from old games? New originals?

For me I wouldn’t want originals just because I don’t trust how Capcom would balance them with the cast. However, if I had to pick, I’d take my 2 favorites: Sean & Urien…

Sean makes sense since he’s a shoto type but not really in the sense that he has no fireballs.

Urien makes A LOT of sense since he looks like Seth already…but could have more health at the cost of not having as good mix up options. I’d main these 2 easily.

Hehe, imagine this…(the urien one looks really good (excluding the fact that he inverts with seth’s tanden engine…and sean…is meh but you get the point)

*If someone could tell me how to embed these videos that would be much appreciated too.


Honestly, you didn’t even need to search it was like 6-7 threads down from the top not even on page 2.

Took the words out of my mouth.