If a combo can 100% Captain America... do people call it a 100% Combo?

Like say it just barely clears 1,050,000 HP and can’t 100% anyone above that. Do people still count those as 100%? I’m curious as I think I’ve found a new 100% combo that can just barely kill Captain America and I’m wondering if I have the right’s to call it a 100%.

That’s a fair point, and probably something that would do better with a poll like Preppy suggested.

IMO a CKC is Cap or above but other might say if it doesn’t kill Sent (who isn’t in XF mode) then it doesn’t count.

Hm. Well what’s the going deal now? Are all the 100% combo’s tested on Sentinel or just Cap?

Yes you can call it a 100%.

There is not a combo naming police that will throw you in jail.

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Ah. Schweet… I think I’ll just go ahead and call it that then. Almost pulled it off, just that final step >_<

You could just call it a sweet combo if you’re too afraid to call it a 100% combo. lol

This could have been asked in the general discussion sticky. It does not warrant its own thread. You guys REALLY need to read the rules before thinking of making a new topic when it is not needed.