If a "fighter" doesn't use the proper sideview "Tekken style" camera, it's not a fighting game

See this camera angle?


Notice it’s behind the player, and not set to the side like Tekken? That makes this not a fighting game, but a beat em up brawler, like Devil May Cry and Streets of Rage.

The Smash community has been saving its meter for December.

Smash has interactive stages, therefore it isn’t a fighting game. Fighters require:

-sideview camera ala SF/Tekken
-non interactive stages
-no blood and gore(MK9 is not a real fighting game, sorry guys)

This thread is quite mediocre…:coffee:

I’m not a troll, simply an astute member of the fighting game community.

Don’t tell me you think those games I mentioned are fighters?

God Ultimate Tenkaichi is such a bad game.

DBZ Budokai 3 master race for life.

well at least snes mk1 is safe then

Not for long.

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oh look, its the same idiot who likes to create multiple accounts to post dumb shit, impersonate other members and create threads about tekken :rofl:

Tekken is the greatest fighting game ever made, replete with the Superior Limb Based system of Combat. What, you still play games without Limb Based Combat? What’s the matter, can’t handle full control of your fighter’s limbs? Need the buttons to be labeled light, medium, and hard; all coded for you to remember, scrub? I have no idea what you are even talking about, I only came here to spread the gospel of Tekken to your scrubby kind.

sorry sir but time killers was the ultimate limb based combat game, it had head attack button

Btw, how is it in this day and age, people still aren’t playing Tekken? It’s the 21st century guys. Time to move on to the most advanced fighter on the market, with the most innovations, the most depth. It’s simply superior. Tekken even has dubstep, the premier music of choice for young people in the 21st Century. It’s a game made by a man with a modern mindset, unlimited by the mortal constraints of the FGC who chooses to live in the past.

You’ll see I am right in the year 2050 when we are all playing Tekken 20.

I guess SFIV on the DS isn’t a fighting game then

Time Killers had blood and gore, did you read what I said? Fighters can’t have blood and gore. Also the game was not made by Japan, all fighters must be made by Japan to be considered real fighting games. Only the Japanese have the mindset and the thousands of years of martial arts experience and soul to accurately depict a fighting game. Americans are used to only using guns and bombs. They have no sense of honor or the purity of combat.


That rendition of it isn’t a fighter, yes. Due to the camera being behind the player. A true fighting game must use a sideview camera. A behind the player camera is more something you’d find in a Devil May Cry game, not a fighter.

And please, don’t be stupid enough to try and argue DMC games are somehow like fighters, mashing buttons really fast to awful emo music doesn’t make a game comparable to a fighter.

That avatar and post made me LOL for some reason.

PS. loved that episode, granted it was possibly the most normal episode so far in that show, but I thought it was great.

sorry sir i am pretty sure i said limb based combat game not fighter it isn’t a transitive property thing