If any1 wants these, they can have them (avatars)


if any1 wants these, just take them

some are new, some are really old, some i made for other peeps.








i’ll do one request as well

no animation, no real people, first come, first serve



< can edit this one


< i can edit this one too




Skull Man and the Protoman ones are sweet as hell.


old school megaman :slight_smile:


Imma take the first one and save it for later. Since Cham hooked me up with this one <-----


ok, i’m still open for a request


Fuck yeah!
I’ll take the request spot!

I love your work man.

Make an av with the attached pic. Black and green please, just like the current one.

Thanks man your dope.

EDIT: I like the current one a lot. You can just swap the pics if you choose. I wouldn’t mind.


sure, why not?

just this pic is a bitch to work with :-/


Here’s a head shot.

If this doesn’t work I can give you an easier one.

It won’t be quite as pretty though.


any adjustments?


Any way you can invert the colors?

Mostly black with green effects/letters.

If not then that’s cool. It’s another winner.


here… if they’re not up, give me a sec to upload them




I’ve made my choice.

Thanks a lot man, your quality is top-tier.

I’m gonna come to you from now on for requests.



EDIT: the av looks tight in XBOX live mode


Oh yeah?

Well let’s see then.


I need one of Anji…:frowning:


haha, i was in the middle of making an anji one. i’ll put your name on it… it’ll be up tomorrow afternoon sometime.

btw, i know tonbarry is making u one. u can use this after the two weeks