If anyone can sort out through my list of comics fof me to sell, I will pay them cash

Basically I have 12,000 comics and I have used the program word excel

I have colums of make, issue, box number, quanity, type of comics and other (Misc)

If anyone can trawl the list and say sell this with that in this box and send it back to me so I can sell on ebay

Its a mix of bronze/silver to the early 2000’s, I have also put proces on them that are 15 and above on the other part IF it was listed on the comic bag

I am serious I need an expert who knows what he is doing, I live in England so that why the prices are in GBP.

If need be, if you are very serious, let me know and I can send the list, there are 200 unknown comics due to earlier fuck up of the program but the info on colums were done.

PM me a I would go to a shop but its 12,000 comics and I am not an expert and I have quite a lot of rare comics in terms of prices and shit, I have quite a few runs and copies but they are on quanties.

Time wise I guess I need done sooner rather than later as after x-mas, motherfuckers are broke as well


Since this forum is more about Comic Book Discussion AKA talking about the comics themselves and not this type of thing, I think this fits better in the Trading Outlet forum. I’ll leave the redirect so if anyone from the Comic Book Forum spots this and wants to help you out they can.

I’m not quite understanding you’re needs…
Seems like you have compiled a data base of your comics but you want someone to “” trawl the list and say sell this with that in this box and send it back to me so I can sell on ebay"

Care to be more clear on what exactly you want someone to do with the list provided?

basically to read through the list and say these comics all should be sold together cause they are all amazing spiderman, these are web of spider, these are all uncanny x-men, these are just x-men

This is the age of apocalyse, these dont have a run so these should just be sold in one box called misc.

You have two of these comcis, so one goes in the run and this one can be sold in misc box and shit like that.
I would appreicate someone who has knowledge and if something isnt clear on the list to complie it at the end and then mail me back to check shit out.

I can do it but it seems like hassle but if need be I will I an do it if there are no takers or if we cant agree on the price

I believe he wants educated help, on whats is good to sell, what will sell easily, what won’t, price index etc basically he needs a lobbyist and an appraiser, and is willing to compensate someone for their time, if they help him out. Seems reasonable enough, I personally can’t do it, because I am a fan but not a collector or salesperson.

One thing you could also do, at least my comic book shop does, bring in your list, and have them take out what they want etc. You wouldn’t get the best deal in the world, but may be beneficial to you, and what they really want, you will know is a desirable item, etc, gage the market.

how much are you willing to pay for this? my brother might be interested but it would take him a while and he’d like quite a bit of commision to go through 12,000 comics…

I guess so although you can appreiacte I want the best value for my comic as I want to start paying of my loans and shit

How much are we talking about as the sorting I could if the price was getting silly, its just tendious but the appraising well I guess I could also do :rofl: but that would be even more hassle

You got my MSN username, I.M me and tell me how much and how long ? and remember I live in England