If anyone here still likes old School Mario, this is certainly worth your time

Everyone here has played Mario. Even thought Super Mario 64 and Galaxy are great, the old school 2D plat former is still the best. I found this site where some guys have figured out how to hack the old Super Mario World, and they’ve created their own levels. They’ve even figured out how to use sprites and levels from other games like Sonic and Kirby. Its real nice.

SMW Central - Main
FuSoYa’s Niche - Lunar Magic SMW Editor Introduction

The First link is where you can get most of the info about SMW hacking, it has everything you need from just playing the hacks others have created to tutorials teaching you how to make hacks yourself. The 2nd link is the program you will need to play the games.

SMW Central - Frequently Asked Questions - IPS Files

That link will tell you all about the IPS thing…

Thought this was going to be about this:

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

or this:

Tuper Tario Tros.

interesting, thanks for the links.