If anyone is interested, I am selling my joystick

This is a PS2 stick and here’s a short summary…

Sanwa Octogonal Gate and Sanwa buttons
6 face buttons
start and select are on top of the joystick

Here’s some pictures:




If you are interested in buying it, hit me up and we’ll work out a price. This joystick is worth about $200 or more if you get a custom one exactly like it. I’ll most likely be asking for $140 or best offer. Thanks.

afro legends

wrong place… take it to the trading post

Thanks for letting me know.

no problem dude, hope you sell it soon

Wow, someone’s gonna be lucky to get afro legends stick!

Wait - you’re AfroLegend, “the SF2” Afrolegend?

…damn…if i had the money i’d buy that stick

Yeah thats him, maybe when you use that stick you’ll get a tingly sensation that helps you win at ST.

By the way, why sell the stick so close to Evo?

Afrolegends just thanked me B-)