If Anyone Wants to Make a CvS2 Combo Video

Let me know - i’ll contribute some suggestions. These days i’m helluva busy with real life and other projects, but i have a whole bunch of CvS2 combo ideas scribbled in notepads and txt files. If anyone actually starts working on a combo video, show me what you’ve got and i’ll find some stuff to add to it.

Fine. I’ll start right after I get done with school for winter break. For reals this time.

Haha cool.

But this is more of a long-term open invitation for anyone out there with any interest in making videos because …

  1. I remember that i never thought of combo video making as a feasible, realistic thing until someone showed me how straightforward it was.

  2. There’s still a lot of cool stuff in CvS2 that would make for good video material.

  3. Tons of people seem to have enough equipment to record and upload matches to youtube, so they should be able to hook up that same camcorder straight to a console and record direct footage.

  4. Since CvS2 isn’t gonna be at Evo this year, i figure some people here might have some time to burn.

So yeah, you all know how to find me.

I really want to make a CV for CvS2, but…
1)Lack of ideas
2)Don’t have proper equipment.

i’m just not good enough

i wanna compile video of some of the games classic setups though

I can record, but I dont have any ideas really. If someone has some ideas I can slap each combo in a small file.

Okay, I totally want to compile a tiny Hibiki CV. One day I was listening to my iPod, and “Go my Way” came up (Idolm@ster song) and I was like, “Isn’t this the name of Hibiki’s rave super?” I kind of thought of some ideas, then totally forgot about it. Other day I was about the reformat one of my PC and found a .txt file with my ideas and was like “Damn, I totally forgot about it.”

Sweet. Do you have a capture card or any other digital recording equipment like a DVD recorder or digital camcorder?

I have a Digital Camcorder (somewhere), and cables that I can plug my DC into. I do also have a DVD recorder too, I think.

Cool, sounds like you’re set. Make sure you do a trial run before you start spending helluva hours on trying to get the clips you want. Also make sure you leave plenty of blank time before and after each attempt because you’ll need it for transitions and other video editing purposes. If you run into any problems or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Okay, thanks.