If Bloody Roar came back.... (poll form)


If Bloody Roar came back, and if Konami can’t do it, how would you reboot the series?

And what company can you give it to?

  • Namco Bandai
  • Capcom
  • Ninja Theory
  • Team Ninja
  • Platinum Games


You forgot “Doesn’t want a shitty Virtua Fighter clone”.


Fuck outta here.


Plat. games… THEM. -golf clap-

could you imagine how fucking insane… ugh that needs to happen. They seem to have friends everywhere too so im sure they could get a fighting game person from another company to give some tips too. I would fully support this game by them.


I’m surprised this stupid poll doesn’t have Arc System Works, the typical ‘omg this game needs to be done by them 2d best cos blaz boobs’ developer.


“MAKE IT LIKE PLASMA SWORD!!!” (Shout outs to people who enjoyed Plasma Sword)

And where’s EA at?! lol


If it plays like Biofreaks then I’m set.


One word: Injustice.

Seriously, Injustice looks SO HYPE and I’m waiting for it’s epic impact on the FGC. Midway had their chance with 8-way games, and they didn;t do so well, but NRS has only made success as far as my knowledge goes.

I think with what they have done with MK9 and with how epic Injustice looks, I think NRS would deserve the chance to try their hand at an 8-Way.

Imagine: a Bloody Roar that was actually…well, bloody!


Why do you keep making this same thread?, Why is there no option for the people who made the previous games in the series?.
We have two semi-active Bloody Roar threads open, please post in one of those rather than spamming FGD and annoying people, thanks.


I’d prefer Platinum Games. I thought of Namco, but they shove other games in the closet for tekken, so no.


Shitty VF clone?!

Bloody Roar series was great! Exception being the 4th.


Surprised this poll doesn’t have Eighting, either.

The onky Konami fighters I can think of could come back would be Lightning Legend and Yie Ar Kung Fu


Give it to Platinum so they have a fighting game to put Bayonetta in.

Plus she can already transform into an animal.