If Bloody Roar came back

If Bloody Roar came back, and if Konami can’t do it, how would you reboot the series?

And what company can you give it to?

  • Namco Bandai
  • Capcom
  • Ninja Theory
  • Team Ninja
  • Platinum Games

Platinum Games all the way.

Keep everything the way it was. Bring back the entire original cast and add at least 12-14 new characters.

Not sure about 3D vs 2D. 3D would make more sense, but 2D has it’s advantages as well.

The real question is when will it be back? I miss that game

If it came back, imagine the petitions from furries to remove the human part of the game, and the constant push the game all over the internet for no other value other than it being “Gods Gift to Furrys”.

I can imagine that happening.

Oh lord, Bloody Roar is great.

They should stay with Konami though.

I think it’d have to be 3D if they brought it back (I feel like more diverse 3D fighters would be welcome at this point). I don’t remember if Platinum Games has done a straight 1v1 fighting game, have they? Either way, I would love to see what they would make out of the franchise.

Namco all the fucking way, seeing how Konami fucked up 4.

No one would buy a new BR if it wasn’t made by Capcom…unfortunately.

Ninja Theory, just so i have the trollish delight to see them fuck another game with their mediocrity.

Namco Bandai- Screw that. I don’t want the game to be another Tekken clone

Capcom- Looking at their track record of fighting games these past 5 years, I would say no.

Team Ninja- debatable…I need to see how a Virtua Fighter vs DOA turns out first. Bloody Roar’s gameplay style is kinda more like Fighting Vipers than anything.

Platinum Games- not the immediate favorite. It would be kinda risky because I don’t think they have any experience making a one on one fighter.

Ninja Theory- WHY the hell would you even suggest this as a option?

Also, the game would have to be 3D. The game would be awkward as hell as a sprite based 2D Fighter.

How did Konami screw it up? All Konami was during that time was a shareholder for Hudsonsoft, you know the people who developed the games? Let’s not forget after Bloody Roar 2, Hudson started to make stupid decisions where they were cutting corners such as releasing Primal Fury as a Gamecube exclusive title when the first 3 games were Playstation games.

Bloody Roar 4 was just a rushed effort. The Japanese version was less glitchy [and shitty] than the American version, but the game still has major problems with it. It didn’t help that BR4 decided to randomly throw away the established setting and backround so they could fit in the new generic characters into the game.

I don’t care who makes it, as long as 3 things happen:

  1. It’s made well and up-to-standards for modern 3D fighters.
  2. They don’t screw us with On-Disc DLC, etc.
  3. I get my penguin-phoenix guy! he was so much fun, :3

Personally, I would have loved to have taken on some of the newer Bloody Roar characters with contenders from the first game. How would have fighters from the first game be adapted to fit the newer system established in Bloody Roar 3 or Primal Fury? But as far as which company should produce it, I seem to have a bias for Namco, as I’m a fan of the Soul series. I agree that this game should not follow the Tekken fighting engine.

Team Ninja,

1.I’d love to see Bloody Roar using the fighting entertainment theme of DOA

2.The girls would be extremely sexy. Then later we could have

Bloody Roar Xtreme Beach Volleyball

God Dammit BR4 was a steaming pile of shit.

Almost anyone handling it would be a better option.

I would say either Capcom or Namco Bandai. Since Capcom has connections to Eighting (the developers of the series), they can easily do it.

They should start by using Bloody Roar PF/Extreme as a base and go from there.

Ah PF/Extreme is such a great game.

If this game came back they would need to overhaul the engine a little bit and start the base with BR PF/Extreme a.k.a BR3.5 and work from there like the sidestep was hella good in BRPF/Extreme. The BR 4 characters were meh but I would like them to be put in a game with the BR3/3.5 engine as well as the characters that were only in BR1.

Side step was too good in PF, adding light guard to side step was a bad idea. The PF engine also has few quirks id rather not see return, BR3 engine would be a better starting point imo and it would be easy to bring the PF characters and balance changes over.

As for who developed it, both Capcom and Namco have worked with Eighting in the past so as long as they were on board id be fine with either.

I’d give it to NBI, they’ve proven to know what they’re doing with 3-D games

we have enough furries on srk already, no thx