If Capcom does one thing right in the sequel it will be

…proper match making! Please, for the love of fucking god almighty set it up so we can see the player’s connection before choosing to start a match with them. SFIV is a good setup. Emulate that.

not to be debbie downer, but I really don’t think a sequel is happening at this point

although I certainly agree with you that the connection quality of your opponent should be displayed BEFORE you get into a match with them

such an oversight, especially since SFIV had that feature and it came out before UAS

Dori, your wrong there is a sequel in the works its coming out spring of 2011 and capcom is changing the Tatsunoko around with Marvel guys. :3 Ain’t I a stinker.

If you want to have proper matchmaking the series must come off the Wii first.

lol. that means all my favorite characters wont be in it.

I lol’d. And then I cried.

Get rid of the wiimote easy mode.

for sure.

I just want a sequel to be made on the 360 and PS3, along with many more characters.

a sequel could be possible, since Tatsunko recently has been publishing stuff for marvel.

ship with a proper controller -_- (xbox has one, ps3 has one, cmon!) they bundle controllers into other stuff, i’d pay 60$ for one with a proper remote. the wiimote/stick thing makes the game more irritating at times and i’d like a standardized play device, lol. they could keep easy mode for all i cared i just want it to play like it would on a ps3. i tried using the nunchuk wiimote combo, and i wanted to hit my self with the chuck to make the pain stop.