If Capcom still refuses to fix the lvl3 XFC's overpowered issue


Will you still be playing MVC3 until the Super version or MVC4 comes out?

I strongly think that Capcom will fix the x-factor in the next installment and not in an upcoming patch because they would have already done so.


Million other places to discuss this without a new thread…


Lvl 3 xf needs to be strong to punish people for using lvl 1 xf for a kill.


If X-factor makes Marvel 3 reliant on luck, why do we see the same players winning every major tournament?


Mainly because they’re using the characters that take most advantage of said bullshit XF3 or XF1. XF3 Dark Phoenix mirrors are basically just shit you can coin flip at.


I will still play. I mostly love this game.


Capcom’s not stupid. They know XF is the number one complaint of the game now among players whether high level or casual so it will get a tone down of some degree. They know for sure that Dark P gets too much bang for her buck in XF3.


If the power/speed boost is too much, whatever. Keep the roman cancel mechanic as a separate feature, I guess. Roman cancels are fun to begin with, and guard cancel is super sexy. The other ‘morphing time’ hypers will be more special with XF boosts removed. Devil Dante, Dark Phoenix, Sougenmu Zero, Charged Wolverine, and whoever else can do crazy things with XF boosts on top of their own boosts. So in this way I can deal with XF boosts getting nixed. But please keep the cancel property, shit, add another meter or finite stocks for it. Tie it to hyper meter. Just keep the cancels.

Aaaaaaaaand if XF has to stay, add aerial activation. Can’t half-ass crazy, you goes balls out or stay home.


I just want the next Marvel VS game to involve a little more strategy than one hit into combo video of their choice. I miss the old Defensive & keep-away teams of MVC2 :frowning:


Dude, every Marvel Vs game even before Vs got into the title was combo video material. The hunter combo system changed everything. I regard the Vs series, above all, an offensively oriented game.


Honestly, though, how many Dark Phoenix mirrors do we see in Top 8? Not saying teams with Phoenix on them, but actual D. Phoenix mirrors?


When you ask Capcom to balance something, they make the playing field fair for everyone until 3 bullies arrive to ruin all the fun. :frowning: The big 3 in Marvel 3 are level 3 xfactor dark phoenix, level 1 xfactor wolverine and level 3 xfactor wesker.




there are viable keepaway teams in mvc2, and even with rushdown teams one hit doesnt = automatic, guaranteed death for minimal cost. you actually have to spend a lot of meter to 100% someone, otherwise you have to use resets and stuff. not so in mvc3.


That’s nice for MvC2, but as far as the series was/is concerned, you ‘rush down dem bitches’.



There’s nothing inherently wrong with XF, and the fact that it makes comebacks more likely in a game that already is very unfriendly to comebacks is a good thing.

Plus, when the game came out, everyone just abused XF level 3. But now we see so many players use XF Level 1 to go for the kill. Isn’t this indicative of depth and meta-game evolution? If anything, this clearly shows me that XF is adding interesting decisions to the game, and not taking away like so many people think. I guess I’d like characters to benefit more evenly from XF, and not some characters benefiting way more, but “XF level 3 IS PROBLEM” is just flat out not true, considering how often we see early XF nowadays. There’s clearly multiple ways to use the mechanic, and it’s good game design. Perhaps it needs to be tweaked slightly, but even in that regard, it’s probably better to wait and see considering how XF usage has changed.


I like the idea of XF3 on paper, but my *main *problem isn’t the damage it does, but how long it fucking lasts.

XF3 lasts for an entire *fifth *of a match. Twenty seconds of Marvel time (which is like a full minute of real time, give or take a bit). Combined with almost double damage output and sped-up frames, it doesn’t just ensure a *comeback, *but it allows someone to win strictly from it alone. Even Ultra (which I hate with a passion) ends after the round is over, if unused. Same with K-Groove Rage (which, actually, lasts less time than XF3 altogether). I would not have a problem if XF3 lasted for 5 to 10 seconds, because that is all the time some characters need to come back with. If Wesker, Wolverine or Phoenix pops one of your characters with XF3 activated, you can be sure that said character will die in about 2 - 3 seconds, even with full health. Killing a character and wounding a second is all the “comeback” you should need to make Marvel more “exciting”, but no–XF3 allows you to steamroll a team almost immediately.

TL;DR version: There’s comeback mechanic and then there’s bullshit win mechanic. I don’t mind the first, but the second needs to be fixed.


This. Even when the game first came out, I have always felt that XF level 1 and 2 were great alternatives to saving for XF 3. I agree 100% that it is too early to condemn XF level 3 especially since the high level play is leaning further away from its use.


I agree that perhaps the specifics of XF need to be changed, but I’m not sure we’re ready to offer a viable solution at this point. XF usage has been evolving in competitive play; premature changes could cause the inherent decision factor in XF usage present currently to be removed, and less decisions reduces a game’s depth.

Plus, both characters do have access to XF level 3, so if you just lost 2 characters to an XF level 3, your third will be coming in with access to it as well (assuming that you didn’t use it earlier).

Ultimately, if we do go with your proposed change, how do you weaken XF1/2 even more to make XF level 3 worth using in the first place?

Finally, even when you are in XF level 3, you do still have to make decisions in the game; it’s not like being in XF level 3 makes it so that you automatically win. Weakening XF3 too much means that games won’t be exciting anymore after people lose 2 characters (possibly even 1 character) because they’ll be playing from too disadvantageous a position and a comeback is almost impossible. Overall, having XF3 doesn’t even make you the favored player to win if you’re going against someone with 3 characters, so I don’t think that XF3 is “too strong”.


I’ve made several posts in other threads regarding the changes I’d make to XF, but since this is a new discussion, I’ll post it again.

But first, let me state one thing. I agree that both people having access to XF is “fair”, but the question isn’t whether or not XF is fair, but whether or not it adds to or takes away from the game.

Anyway, onto your questions.

Making XF3 last 5 - 10 seconds would take nothing away from it. As it stands now, XF1 is not a viable option for much of the cast except as a guaranteed way kill ONE character and mortally wound a second. With the benefits XF3 gets to damage, it would still be capable of doing just that even if it lasted half or a quarter of the time.

But my real proposal is this:
-XF1 shouldn’t exist. Or, if it MUST exist, it should be a speed boost and nothing else. You still get an Alpha Counter, and Wolverine would still get to do shit like combo off of an airgrab. But it wouldn’t be “Eat air grab, herp-derp, your character’s dead”.
-XF2 should be what XF1 is now. You get ten seconds of a speed boost and damage with the potential to kill ONE character. Since you’ve only lost ONE character to activate it, this is pretty much all you need in a comeback mechanic.
XF3 should be what XF2 is now. Like I said, I’m fine with the damage. I’m NOT fine with it lasting 20 fucking seconds. Fifteen is plenty, especially with the boost you get from XF2. This is still enough for Phoenix to kill with Magic series, and most infinites still work on XF2.