If Charlie truly is dead, would you have a problem if Guile learned Charlie's Moonsault Slash?

There is the extremely heated debate over whether to give Guile another special move. I hate to spark this junk up solely to voice my own opinion, but I guess I have a strong one on this.

If Charlie truly is dead, I want Guile to learn his moonsault slash in honor of him. I want to see Guile having it in a future update of SF4. If Charlie truly is dead, I also want to see Guile paying homage to him in some future update by doing a single-armed sonic boom somewhere (maybe if they give characters 2 super options instead of just 1 in a future update).

I am not too familiar with SF Canon, but it seems to me like Charlie is dead and will therefore never be seen in Street Fighter editions that occur after Alpha in their timeline. If this is the case, I want Charlie’s spirit to be carried on in Guile.

^ As sad as it sounds Charlie will probably not be in the newer versions of SF.

So I definetly agree that the developers should pay homage to Charlie and have a special move given to Guile.

I’d drop Guile in a second if capcom were ever to change their minds though…

“Looking For Charlie” is still my PSN title handle, just to give me a sense of hope.

I think this is a pretty good idea. People complain that Guile has only two moves (Sonic Boom and Flash Kick), lol, so Ultra 2014 version with some cool moves would be more than welcome. I still wish Charlie would make a comeback in future SF editions.

Go to training room, pick Guile, select U1, and do it.

Play close attention to how Guile performs the second Flash Kick.

He already homages Charlie!

Guile doesn’t need more special moves because both Sonic Boom and Flash Kick both cover everything he needs.