If CvS2 wansn't team based, what one character would you play?


I’d probably play K Kyo or C Sagat.


<---- :smiley:


K Rock

“WTF!?! DAMN RANDOM LEVEL 3s!!” :smiley:


C ken.


K Rock, K Blanka, K Cammy, C Sagat in that order


Let’s hear it for having to play against 38 billion A-Sakuras every day.


E. Honda on K Groove.


K Joe, P Cammy or N Athena




S groove




c guile. he seems to have very few bad matchups. come to think of it, does he have any bad matchups?

otherwise, k blanka. low jump, jd, and too many monstrous supers per round. sweet.



I don’t think A-Sakuras would be as effective without a team, although she can RC and gain bar pretty quickly. She’s still powerful but it’s just that she can’t start with a full bar immediately.



Too much fun.


I would play A-Sakura.

edit: …just to make people in Hong Kong angry. :lol:


p cammy is just to good or k kyo


A-Hibiki :smiley: —> resets :cool:




N Iori owns C Guile.


No Teams




C or A eagle