If Daigo mained Yun, would he be the best player in the world once again?


Would he? Ryu could be his secondary. Lol…


Couldn’t you just ask this question in the other thread instead of starting a new thread where the topic is pretty much the same?

To answer your question, no I don’t think so. Switching to Yun really wouldn’t make him a better player even if Yun is a better character than Ryu, which is arguable. I don’t think Yun fit his style that well, but of course he kept winning because he’s Daigo and he played one of the most broken characters this series has seen. TBH I think that overall Daigo became a weaker player after switching to Yun in AE.


why do you care?


Jeez, should we make a thread for every character besides Ryu? Would Daigo be the best if he mained T Hawk? Would Daigo be the best if he mained Dhalsim? Cammy? Adon? Would Daigo be the best if he was 10 years younger? Would Daigo be the best if he dressed more stylishly? Would Daigo be the best if he used pad? Would Daigo be the best if he had a bowl of Wheaties everyday?


If Daigon mained Yun would he be able to see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?


everyone is the best when they main Cammy


The only reason I like unblockables is because of that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I land one on that cunt Cammy


Love you too man. BluFang’s post was hilarious…


Ryu and Yun are pretty close to as good as each other and Daigo is a great Ryu specialist. I’d say he’d be worse and he knows it which is why he’s playing Ryu.


would daigo b the best if he mained liu kang?


I think Yuns getting buffed A tiny bit in v13 cause of some recent update from capcom on the upcoming patch… Even though he doesn’t need it… 950 health and Ultra 2 buffs for the win! I just want to see how well nerfed(we all know it’s coming)v13 Akuma is vs v13 Yun…


Not sure what people mean by Yun not fitting Daigo’s style…Daigo has often mained very offensive/explosive characters. Sol in GG, Bishamon in VS and he used Cammy and Akuma in CvS2. He was pretty dominant with those characters as well.


just asking cause, it has no point. Do you hang out with him? Why does it matter if hes the best in the world?


The point is that players of this caliber, are worth following and looking up to, if you want to become even remotely as good as them. So…people become curious.


What emil said does make sense. This is obviously a troll thread, and I could care less about Daigo… So how about you go be cool somewhere else if you can’t contribute. Jigglypuff and Blu seem to understand that, I guess some people catch on quicker:P


And how exactly do you “contribute” to a troll thread, if you don’t mind me asking ?



Just like many other things, it cannot be explained.

Watch the latest message from Daigo video if you haven’t seen it guys